Albion B26Q 1-Quart Manual Cartridge Caulk Gun with High-Thrust, 26:1 Drive

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Albion B26Q 1 Quart B-Line Manual Cartridge Gun w/ High-Thrust 26:1 Drive

  • Quart Smooth Rod Cartridge Gun with Highest Thrust 26:1 mechanical advantage drive.
  • Full sized handle for comfortable, efficient dispensing.
  • Half-cradle carriage securely holds cartridges and rotates for convenience.
  • Built-in cartridge puncture wire and ladder hook pull.
  • Designed for thicker materials (cold weather).
  • Legendary Albion design and quality make this tool a leader in value.
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Albion B26-Q B-Line Quart Cartridge gun with smooth, high-powered 26:1 ratio drive. Perfect caulk gun for firestopping sealants, single component large Quart size cartridges, automotive urethanes, and construction adhesives and sealants. Excellent high-powered caulking tool for smooth, effortless dispensing of larger quart cartridges - especially thicker materials, even in cold weather.

Single Quart Size Caulk Cartidge Dispensing Tool For:

  • Cold Polyurethanes
  • Sealants with aggregates
  • Extension nozzles
  • Terpolymers/Tripolymers
  • Firestopping
  • Automotive urethanes
  • Polysulfides
  • Butyl rubber sealants
  • Two component cartridges


  • Adjustable wear-compensation device — no loss in trigger motion.
  • Double gripping-plate and steel trigger for increased durability.
  • 26:1 thrust ratio.
  • B-Line 26:1 Drive - 900 lbs force
  • High Viscosity and Cold Weather Tool
Capacity 1 Quart
Carriage Type Metal Half-Barrel
Drive Manual
Line B-Line
Mix Ratio  
Nozzle Type  
Pressure (PSI) 170 psi
Special Applications  
Thrust (Lb-f) 900
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number B26Q
Manufacturer Albion
Weight 3lb
Length 16in
Width 10in
Height 20in