What's better for Seam Welding - The BAK LarOn 21 or LEISTER Varimat V2?

Comparing the roofing industry's leading brands of single-ply roof welders - Leister Varimat V2 versus the BAK LarOn 21. More

Best Hand Welders and Heat Guns for Roofing in 2021

Review of the best priced, top rated, high quality hand held heat welders for overlap and seam welding roof membranes. More

What Works Better In Cold Weather - Band Heaters, Power Blankets, Heat Tape, or Heated Warming Wraps?

After reviewing the difference between drum band heaters from Brisk Heat & BenchMark Thermal to Electric Power Blankets, Hot Box heaters, and Heated Warming Wraps from brands like Amped Equipment, Arctic Warmers, Power Blanket and NepTech; We have chosen a set of warmers that stand out the most for the 2020 Winter Season! More

Best for Roofing In Cold Weather • Extend Your 2020 Spray Season With Ultimate Heating Kits

What Works Best For Roofing In Cold Weather? Check Out The New Ultimate Heating Kits For Insulation Adhesive Spray Foam Applications, Graco Heated Hoses, and More. More

CAV-GRIP III - Best In Roofing Bonding Adhesive

Carlisle's new CAV-GRIP III is the best option for adhering any FleeceBACK, standard TPO, and EPDM membrane to vertical walls and standard TPO to horizontal surfaces for warranties up to 20 years. Can also be used for priming unexposed asphalt prior to insulation attachment. CAV-GRIP offers a variety of labor-saving benefits: 1. Quick application with spray gun
 2. Fast tack time (less than 5 minutes!)
 3. No stirring 4. Low-odor, Low-VOC 5. Spray 2 guns and up to 8 tanks simultaneously with The DONKEY spray cart. More

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