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STI FIRESTOP Instumescent Firestop Red Fire Caulk #SSS

SpecSeal® SSS Sealant is a latex based, high solids firestop compound. This material, when properly installed, will effectively seal penetration openings against the spread of fire, smoke, hot gasses and water.

  • Patented Two-Stage Intumescent Technology
  • Easily works into tight spaces between penetrants
  • Compatible with CPVC Piping
  • Can be sanded and painted to match its surroundings
  • Used in over 500 through-penetration UL® Tested Systems!
  • UL® GreenGuard Gold Certified
  • Sizes and Quantities:
    • Case of 12-Cartridge Tubes: Size 10.1 oz, 20 oz, or 29 oz Sausage Tubes
    • 2-Gallon Pails
    • 5-Gallon Pails
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SpecSeal SSS Firestop Sealant is a premium grade water-based Intumescent Red Fire Caulk firestop sealant. SpecSeal® SSS Sealant incorporates our proprietary two-stage intumescent technology making it the go to choice for any combustible or non-combustible penetrants. As little as a 1/2″ applied depth of SSS Sealant is required to provide up to a 4 Hr Fire resistance rating when tested to ASTM E814/UL 1479.

  • Water-based - easy installation, cleanup, and disposal
  • Two-stage intumescence - extremely fast and directionalized expansion
  • Endothermic fillers - absorb heat & release water
  • High solids formula - minimal shrinkage
  • Sandable & paintable (when dry)
  • Water-resistant - will not re-emulsify when dry
  • Safe for contact with plastics
  • Red color - easy identification and inspection
  • Multi-viscosity grade - excellent caulking properties along with high build capabilities
  • Excellent smoke seal
  • Non-halogenated
  • SIZES:
    • 10.1 oz. Cartridge Tubes (12-Tube Case)
    • 20 oz. CartridgeTubes (12-Tube Case)
    • 29 oz. Sausage Tubes (12-Tube Case)
    • 2-Gallon Pail/Buckets
    • 5-Gallon Pail/Buckets
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number SSS
Manufacturer STI Firestop
Weight 2lb
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Sheet (411.06 kB)
Safety Sheet (82.76 kB)

SpecSeal® SSS Sealant is used to seal through-penetrations as well as construction gaps and blank openings. SpecSeal® SSS has been tested for use with metallic penetrants up to 36 in (914 mm) trade size. This product is also used with other SpecSeal® Products such as SpecSeal® Firestop Collars and Wrap Strips. Tested and Certified for Fire Resistance: Metallic Pipes including steel, iron, or copper pipe and tubing through all common constructions. Nonmetallic Pipes, Conduits & Tubing including PVC, CPVC, PVDF, PEX, PEX-AL-PEX, ABS, PB through all common constructions. Cable, Cable Trays & Bus Duct, HVAC Ductwork, Insulated Pipes. Multi-Service Penetrations including AC line sets, electrical, telephone, or TV service entrance and interior penetrations. Complete Wood Floor firestopping package for electrical, plumbing, HVAC, TV and telephone.





Catalog Number UPC Number Size (UOM) Qty. Case Qty. Weight (Each) SSS100 730573011003 10.1 Oz Tube - 18.2 cu in (300 ml) 1 12 1.07 lbs (0.49 kg) SSS129 730573011294 29 Oz Tube - 52 cu in (858 ml) 1 12 2.84 lbs (1.29 kg) SSS120 730573011034 20 Oz Sausage - 36 cu in (592 ml) 1 12 1.86 lbs (0.84 kg) SSS102 730573011027 2 Gallon Pail - 462 cu in (7.6 liters) 1 N/A 23.29 lbs (10.56 kg) SSS105 730573011058 5 Gallon Pail - 1,155 cu in (19.0 liters) 1 N/A 62.45 lbs (28.33 kg)