18" Wand and Spray Gun Adhesive Applicator w/ tip - M125 | QDEK

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QDEK Roofing Field Spray Gun + Wand Adhesive Applicator

The QDEK Field Spray Gun with 18" Wand Extension is designed for comfortably and easily applying roof membrane adhesives across large roofing field areas. The long wand eliminates the need for users to bend down or kneel when applying adhesives from pressurized cylinders and canister tanks. This roofing adhesive spray wand gun alleviates strain on the back and knees, providing a comfortable application experience while spraying roof membranes and substrates with glue.
  • 18" Adhesive Spray Gun with Wand
  • Adjustment wheel controls adhesive flow
  • Changeable nozzle to optimise spraying performance
  • Fast and easy to use web fan spray applicator
  • Long wand allows for comfortable, easier applications
  • For applying QDEK 2040, QDEK 2302, 2003, 2400 and 2350 adhesives
  • Compatible with Carlisle Cav Grip, most web spray and other single-ply adhesives
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The QDEK M125 Cav-Grip Adhesive Spray Gun has an 18" Wand with a field gun for applying pressurized cylinder and canister tank spray adhesives. Designed to extend your reach when applying single-ply roof glue and low-rise polyurethane spray foam adhesives, the M125 spray wand gun has an 18 inch long extension that will save your back from painful cramping and muscle strains. This roof adhesive spray gun applicator not only saves you energy on any size job, it will also save you money on application time with a a unique spraytip that has a wide fan web spray pattern. The M125 QDEK Tensorgrip Spray Wand Gun is suitable for most web spray and single ply adhesive products, and is perfect for applications where bending and reaching is required.

The QDEK Roofing Adhesive Field Spray Gun is compatible as a Carlisle Cav Grip applicator, Versico spray gun, Weatherbond and Mule Hide single-ply glue applicator, and for applying QDEK 20402302 and 2350 single ply roofing membrane spray adhesives.

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number M125
Manufacturer QDEK
Weight 3lb
Length 20in
Width 5in
Height 2in

M125 18" Field Spray Gun with Wand for roofing membrane adhesive applications is compatible as a Carlisle Cav Grip applicator, Versico cav-grip spray gun, Weatherbond and Mule Hide single-ply glue applicator, and for applying QDEK 2040, 2032 and 2350 single ply roofing membrane spray adhesives.

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