STEINEL HG 5000E Heat Gun w/ Metal Case #110049782

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The STEINEL HG 5000E Heat Gun with Metal Case provides the ultimate in precision heat welding and hot-air tool technology for roofing, flooring, avionics, and a wide range of other applications. Exclusive IntelliTemp Temperature Control enables the user to select a target temperature in 10°F step increments and view actual output on an LED display screen. Heating elements are easily changeable in the field and integrate SmartChip™ technology allowing the heat gun to automatically recalibrate to the new element. Easily control temperatures between 80°F and 1100°F for various applications. 

  • Powerful 230 V heat gun with 28 cfm output
  • Fully electronic temperature and airflow control
  • Intelligent motor and temperature control
  • LED temperature display showing selected and actual temperature
  • Long Life Brushless Motor
  • Element = Easy-to-change in field
  • Smartchip = gun stays calibrated with new element
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The HG5000E hand held heat welder hot air gun is Steinel's most powerful 230 V industrial heat gun with 28 cfm output. This cutting edge Heat Gun is Electronically monitored with LED Display for Model #HG5000E, 35000 Series.

This STEINEL Electronically controlled hot-air gun is ideal for industrial use (installation work in machines, heating large areas etc.),

Perfect for Heat Shrinking, Floors, Roofing, avionics, shrink wrapping, adhesive activation, tinting windows and various other applications that require long life and steady/even heat distribution. 


With Case: 35035
Temperature: 80°F - 1100°F (27°C - 599°C)
Variable Airflow: Up to 28 cfm, 3000 Pa air pressure
LED Display: Indicates actual and target temp. in 10°F increments
Output: 3400 watts
Voltage: 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Amps: 14.8
Power Cord: Rubber construction, (European plug), double insulated
Nozzle Diameter: 1.97” (50.00 mm)
Dimensions: 14.50” x 4.30” x 4.30” (l x w x h)
Net Weight: 3.22 lbs (51.52 oz)
Single Sell Pack: Dimensions: 18.00” x 5.00” x 5.00”
Warranty: Weight: 3.70 lbs (59.20 oz)
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 110049782
Weight 5lb
Length 14.5in
Width 4.3in
Height 4.3in

STEINEL 110049782 HG 5000 E Hot-Air Heat Welder Gun for Roofing and other heat seaming, shrinking, and welding applications.

The HG5000E has a high-performance brushless motor, infinitely variable temperature from 70°F to 1112°F and continuously adjustable airflow up to 800 l/min., display, wear parts replaced with effortless ease.

The intelligent motor and temperature control system automatically matches speed to the temperature selected.