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The STEINEL HG 2620 E hot air hand welder heat gun delivers 1300°F of heat with 1750 Watts of power, controlled by a toggle knob in 10°F increments. Set four individually tailored programs with a temperature range of 120°F - 1300°F. Read the temperature at any time on the digital LCD screen. Airflow Rate is easy to adjust and continuously variable between 2-13 cfm. The Steinel HG-2620-E is the top rated, number one choice of hot-air heat gun hand welders for roof membranes and other thermoplastic materials. This hand welder gets the best reviews from roofers and contractors across the USA and the rest of the world. With a 1 Year Warranty on the Heating Element & Gun it's easy to see why so many contractors are switching from a Leister Triac to a STEINEL HG2620E!

  • Temperature Range of 120° - 1300° Fahrenheit
  • 10,000 Hour Brushless Motor Life
  • Powerful 120V, 1750 W Heat Gun, Airflow Rate of 2-13 cfm
  • Double insulated – no GFCI required; Power cord can be changed without opening enclosure
  • Electronics protected with a fine dust filter
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The STEINEL HG 2620 E Heat Gun has a temperature range of 120°F to 1300°F and is the most powerful, accurate, and longest lasting hot-air hand welder on the market. The STEINEL HG2620E is equipped with the longest lasting heating element in existence, lasting up to 3X longer than the competition. The DuraTherm™ Heating Element Coils are wound through a series of ceramic disks achieving full encapsulation. This provides even heat and added support that helps to prevent coil breakage. Thanks to its robust design and heavy-duty 16 foot H07 rated flexible power cord with built-in strain relief, the HG2620 TPO, PVC, EPDM and Tarpaulin Thermoplastic Hand Welder is the safest, most dependable heat gun in the roofing industry. The STEINEL HG 2620 E heating element has a 1 year warranty along with the heat gun as well.

Switching From Leister Triac to STEINEL HG 2620 E:

  • Best heat gun on the market by far
  • Delivers 1750W of power
  • Precise temperature control, up to 1300° F
  • Controlled by toggle in 10° F increments
  • LCD Digital Temperature Display
  • Can set 4 individual programs
  • 10,000 hour Brushless motor life
  • Field changeable heating element and power cord
  • Continuously variable between 2-13 cfm and is easy to adjust
  • Full pressure power is 3,000 Pa
  • Protected electronics with fine dust filter
  • Magnesium guard sleeve
  • Plug-in, Ceramic heating element lasts 3X longer than Leister or BAK
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Part Number 110025600

Technical Specs:

 Temperature:  120 - 1300˚F (50 - 700 ˚C)
 Airflow rate:  2 - 13 cfm (+/- 0.5 cfm)
 Air pressure:  3,000 Pa
 Brushless Motor life:  10,000 hours
 Heating Element:  2,000 hour guarantee 
 Warranty:   1 Year Limited Warranty
 Temperature setting:  On LCD display, 10˚F steps by toggle
 Lockable Override Control (LOC):  yes
 Create Preset Customizable Programs:  yes
 Thermal cutout:  yes
 Double Insulated:  yes
 Output:   1750 W
 Amps:   14.8 A
 Power Cord:  Industrial grade rubber
 Nozzle Diameter:  1.26” (32.00 mm)
 Dimensions (l x w x h):  14.10” x 3.60” x 3.70”
 Voltage:  120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
 Weight:  1.85 lbs (29.63 oz)
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 110025600
Weight 1.85lb
Length 14in
Width 3.6in
Height 3.7in

Best, Hotest Hot Air Heat Welding 1300+ Degrees Fahrenheit STEINEL Heat Gun = HG 2620 E 

Delivering 1750 W of power, the STEINEL HG 2620 E hot air tool is controlled by a toggle in 10°F increments with temperature options ranging from 120°F to  1300°F while letting you set four individually tailored programs. The temperature is indicated on the LCD information display screen and is easy to read at any time. The airflow rate is continuously variable between 2 – 13 cfm and is easy to adjust. Full air-pressure power is 3,000 Pa. The powerful brushless motor gives the hot-air heat welding tool a working life of over 10,000+ hours! The HG2620E from STEINEL is the top rated, number one choice of heat gun welders with the best ratings from roofers and professional contractors. The HG 2620 E Steinel Heat Gun is the safest, most dependable heat tool on sale in 2020. The HG 2620 E Steinel Heat Gun is the longest lasting, safest, most dependable heat tool in stock and on sale as of 2021 and available to buy online now at www.panthereast.com/brands/steinel.html

With a brushless motor life of 10,000 hours. With a Heating Element that has a 1 Year Warranty it's easy to see why so many contractors are switching from the Leister Triac to the STEINEL HG2620E.

  • Heat Gun HG 2620 E
  • 120° Fahrenheit - 1300 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • 2.9852 lbs per EA
  • STEINEL Heating Elements Last 3X Longer than Leister or BAK
  • Heat Gun Dimensions = 14.10“ x 3.60“ x 3.70“262


1-Year Limited Warranty On All STEINEL Heat Guns:

STEINEL warranties its heat guns and glue guns for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, if properly operated and maintained and used under normal conditions.  For heat guns, this warranty are tools that have been subject to abuse, tools that have been opened or repaired by anyone other than STEINEL, tools that have been modified in any way or mounted onto machinery/equipment, and tools that have been put into continuous operation. STEINEL heat tools are hand held power tools and are intended for use as such. Any other use voids STEINEL’s warranty.