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Heating Element for STEINEL HG2620E Heat Gun Hot Air Welder Tools, 110050702

One of a kind long lasting heat element that lasts up to 3X longer than Leister or BAK heating elements, and reaches temperatures of up to 1300°F. 

  • DuraTherm Ceramic heating element ensures even heat and product longevity
  • Motor life approx. 10,000 hrs
  • Heater life approx. 800 hrs
  • Field changeable heating element
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STEINEL 2620 Heating Element 110050702 - DuraTherm Ceramic Heating Element for STEINEL Heat Guns HG 2620 E and HG 2520 E last up to 3X longer than Leister or BAK elements. This Heat Element Spare Replacement Part #110050702 is for Models HG2620E and HG2520E STEINEL Handheld Heat Gun Hot Air Welders.

Accessory Type: Heating Element
Temperature Range: 120°F - 1300°F (49°C - 704°C)
Voltage: 120V
Compatible Tools: HG2520E, HG2620E

Changing the Heating Element:

  • The plug-in heating element in the HG 2620 E can be changed in a matter of seconds.





Important! Disconnect tool from power supply.

  1. Undo guard sleeve screws and remove guard sleeve (Fig. 1)
  2. Undo 4 screws at the end of the hot air outlet nozzle and detach heating element. (Fig. 2)
  3. Replace the heating element with a new one and firmly screw heating element into place (Fig. 3)
  4. Firmly screw guard sleeve back on (Fig. 4)


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Replacement Part for STEINEL HG2620E Heat Gun Hot Air Welder Tools #110050702

  • How to Change Heating Element 110050702 for STEINEL HG 2220 E and HG2620E heat gun replacement spare parts directions?