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SIEVERT DW 3000 Heat Gun | Lightweight Electronic Hot Air Welder w/ Case & 40mm Nozzle

The SIEVERT DW 3000 handheld hot-air held welder gun is perfect for TPO / PVC Roofing Membranes. The new & improved DW 3000 has a ANTI REFLECTION LED digital display screen making it easy to use and easy to read. The updated DW3000 has a more effective and powerful heating element design, and an updated software program for stable performance output. The smart and user friendly digital Display Information System makes it super easy to use,  The DW 3000 comes with the ergonomic and stackable PowerCase.

  • Temperatures up to 1200°F (600°C)
  • 30% less weight and more ergonomic than market standard
  • 50% more airflow than market standard
  • Extremely accurate temperature control
  • Detachable air filter


  • Revolutionary ergonomics: Lightest hot-air tool in its class
  • Revolutionary Air-flow: 3 step air flow for maximum power
  • Revolutionary temperature precision: Built in temperature sensor for accurate temperatures

DW 3000 attributes

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The SIEVERT DW 3000 handheld hot-air heat welding tool is the most advanced yet user-friendly product ever made by Sievert Industries.

The modern, digital readout screen and innovative design of the DW 3000 is breaking ground in the hot-air tool market, making it the lightest and most ergonomic handheld heat welder in its class. The DW3000 has a brushless motor powered by next-gen electronics that provides powerful precision and control which makes it a favorite among roofers that are welding thermoplastic roofing membranes. 

  • BETTER: Great air flow and pressure that is 50% higher than standard heat guns
  • EASY TO USE: ANTI REFLECTION LED digital display screen makes it easy to read
  • COMFORTABLE: Ergonomic design with soft grip handle
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 1.8 lbs = helps reduce user fatigue
  • VERSATILE: Fully adjustable digital temperature controls and readout
  • COMPATIBLE: Use with any industry standard welding tips 
  • ADJUSTABLE: 3 steps, easy to control


  • HEAT: Heat Temperatures of up to 1200°F (600°C)
  • Automatic cool down mode for safe use, and prolongs the life of heating element
  • Built-in volt meter indicates the incoming voltage supply
  • Uses standard welding nozzles / compatible with competitor´s hot-air tools
  • 6 Foot Cord, with 2-Prong Staight-Blade 110V Plug.
  • Plugs into standard 110V 15Amp outlet.

DW 3000 attributes

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number DW3000
Manufacturer SIEVERT
Weight 1.8lb
Country of Manufacture Sweden
Length 12in
Width 14in
Height 3in

The SIEVERT DW-3000 Heat Welder is a handheld hot-air welding tool for roof membrane seams. Hot-air hand welder DW3000 comes with a heavy-duty AB Carrying Case and 40-mm nozzle tip. Comparable to the Leister Triac welder nozzles, the BAK RiOn and Steinel heat gun wide slot nozzles. The SIEVERT DW 3000 handheld hot-air heat welding tool reaches +1112°F, is lightweight, easy to use, and equipped with a reflection-free LED temperature control screen that makes it the most advanced, user-friendly heat gun for roofers. Comparable to the Leister Triac ST, the BAK RiOn and the Steinel HG2620 heat gun seamers. 

DW 3000 attributes