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A-110 Electric Rubberized Asphalt Melter

The A110 Electric Melter comes equipped with electric heater elements, electric drive system for the agitator and a factory programmed, easy to use temperature regulator and safety system. The A-110 Electric Melter is very versatile and can be transported easily in the back of a pick-up; can be hoisted directly to the roof. Easily accommodated in commercial elevators, the A-110 fits through standard 34″ doorways and can be equipped with optional casters for easy movement.

  • No open or enclosed flame on rooftops.
  • Built to match the speed and efficiency of our propane & diesel fired melters
  • No gas, propane or diesel needed on the roof.
  • Very precise control of heat distribution
  • Material ready in 35 minutes.


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A&A Melters A-110 Electric, Superior Air-Jacketed Hot Rubber Melter

The A-110 Electric Melter is very versatile and can be transported easily in the back of a pick-up; can be hoisted directly to the roof. Easily accommodated in commercial elevators and fits through standard 34 inch doorways. 

SPECIFICATIONS: Upgraded super fast A-110 Electric

Capacity 100 US Gallons, Output: 80 gal/hour, Efficiency: 80%
Agitator 110 V Electric; Heat Up Time: 30-40 minutes
Overall Dimensions (Melter Only) L-91″ W-34″ H-45″  1,500 lbs
Burner 480 V, 3 PH 35 Amp Total (2 x 17.5 Amp 5″ 12 KWH Flanged Electric Elements)
(or 220 V, SPh 80 Amp Total)
Temperature Controls Comes Standard with all Safety Options Installed
Inner Shell 3/16″ Rolled Steel
Outer Shell 1/8″ Rolled Steel
Insulated jacket 1/2″ Super high temp 2″ High Temp. Fiberglass.
Pump Optional 1 1/2″ Electric Viking Pump
Optional Trailer (w/ Melter mounted) L-146″ W-71″ H-71″  1,775 lbs
*Brakes Electric Standard
*Tow Hitch As ordered c/w safety chain
Shipping Weight (Melter only) 1500 lbs
Shipping Weight (trailer only) 275 lbs
More Information
Manufacturer AA Melters
Height 45in
Length 88in
Weight 1,500lb
Country of Manufacture United States
Spec Sheet (1.31 MB)

Additional Info:

  • Safety features include high limit controller which shut the machine down if temperature rises above factory preset.
  • All electrical components are Watlow products which are UL and CSA approved, such as our tubular flange electric heaters.
  • High limit controllers are factory mutual approved. (Used in New York City with vent less deep fat fryers)
  • All electrical components are protected with proper breakers and installed by a qualified electrician.
  • Machines are heavy duty and compact as to get on rooftops easily.
  • Material agitators are electrical powered and require no fuel to run them.
  • Components are designed with forward thinking capabilities. (Alarm and a wireless temperature monitoring communications system)
  • Because the Electric melter does not use any fossil fuels it has a far less negative impact on the environment than any other melter on the market today.