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A-110 Electric Rubberized Asphalt Melter

The A110 Electric Melter comes equipped with electric heater elements, electric drive system for the agitator and a factory programmed, easy to use temperature regulator and safety system. The A-110 Electric Melter is very versatile and can be transported easily in the back of a pick-up; can be hoisted directly to the roof. Easily accommodated in commercial elevators, the A-110 fits through standard 34″ doorways and can be equipped with optional casters for easy movement.

  • No open or enclosed flame on rooftops.
  • Built to match the speed and efficiency of our propane & diesel fired melters
  • No gas, propane or diesel needed on the roof.
  • Very precise control of heat distribution
  • Material ready in 35 minutes.


Financing Available for orders over $1,000

A&A Melters A-110 Electric, Superior Air-Jacketed Hot Rubber Melter

The A-110 Electric Melter is very versatile and can be transported easily in the back of a pick-up; can be hoisted directly to the roof. Easily accommodated in commercial elevators and fits through standard 34 inch doorways. 

SPECIFICATIONS: Upgraded super fast A-110 Electric

Capacity 100 US Gallons, Output: 80 gal/hour, Efficiency: 80%
Agitator 110 V Electric; Heat Up Time: 30-40 minutes
Overall Dimensions (Melter Only) L-91″ W-34″ H-45″  1,500 lbs
Burner 480 V, 3 PH 35 Amp Total (2 x 17.5 Amp 5″ 12 KWH Flanged Electric Elements)
(or 220 V, SPh 80 Amp Total)
Temperature Controls Comes Standard with all Safety Options Installed
Inner Shell 3/16″ Rolled Steel
Outer Shell 1/8″ Rolled Steel
Insulated jacket 1/2″ Super high temp 2″ High Temp. Fiberglass.
Pump Optional 1 1/2″ Electric Viking Pump
Optional Trailer (w/ Melter mounted) L-146″ W-71″ H-71″  1,775 lbs
*Brakes Electric Standard
*Tow Hitch As ordered c/w safety chain
Shipping Weight (Melter only) 1500 lbs
Shipping Weight (trailer only) 275 lbs
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number A-110E
Manufacturer AA Melters
Weight 1500lb
Country of Manufacture United States
Length 88in
Width 34in
Height 45in
Spec Sheet (1.31 MB)

Additional Info:

  • Safety features include high limit controller which shut the machine down if temperature rises above factory preset.
  • All electrical components are Watlow products which are UL and CSA approved, such as our tubular flange electric heaters.
  • High limit controllers are factory mutual approved. (Used in New York City with vent less deep fat fryers)
  • All electrical components are protected with proper breakers and installed by a qualified electrician.
  • Machines are heavy duty and compact as to get on rooftops easily.
  • Material agitators are electrical powered and require no fuel to run them.
  • Components are designed with forward thinking capabilities. (Alarm and a wireless temperature monitoring communications system)
  • Because the Electric melter does not use any fossil fuels it has a far less negative impact on the environment than any other melter on the market today.