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Universal Guardrail Pallet Kit 110 ft. (11 Rails, 12 Bases) #70762 | TIE DOWN

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Tie Down / Roof Zone Guardrail Pallet Kit (Standard) #70761/#70762 includes 11 Rails @ 10 ft. and 12 Universal Guardrail Bases – Single pallet. The TIE DOWN Roof Zone Universal Guardrails in the Guardrail Pallet Kit create 110' Horizontal Safety Railing and are manufactured out of high strength low alloy steel (HSLA), exceeding all OSHA Load Requirements. All Tie Down Safety and Roof Zone Equipment components are Manufactured 100% in USA and priced well below Chinese imports.

These Safety Rails are designed to fit competitors guardrail bases making them compatible with almost every known brand of fall protection safety railing, hence the name "Universal Guardrail".

  • Kit includes 11 rails and twelve 3-hole zip bases with rubber feet
  • Made with high-strength low-alloy steel (HSLA)
  • Bases offer superior resistance to impact loads with base design that is 40% lighter than competitor brands
  • Bases nest and stack easily for storage with Toe board slot & handle holes on each side for easy lifting
  • Guardrails are compatible with almost any brand of guardrail base
  • Exceeds all OSHA load requirements


  • (11) 10' Universal Guardrail Safety Rails
  • (12) Guardrail Bases
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TIE DOWN RoofZone Universal Guardrail Stack Pallet Kit #70762 features high-strength low-alloy steel construction that exceeds all OSHA load requirements. This kit includes 11 rails and twelve 3-hole zip bases with rubber feet. Bases offer superior resistance to impact loads and a unique design that is up to 40% lighter than competitors' bases. Bases nest and stack easily for storage before and after use. A toe board slot on each side and handle holes make bases easy to lift.

Tie Down RoofZone Universal Guardrail System, Stackable Pallet Kit 70761/70762 Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Tie Down Inc.
  • Brands: Roof Zone, Tie Down Engineering
  • Item: 110ft. Universal Guardrail System, Stack Pallet Kit
  • Manufacturer Part Number: #70762
  • Color: Yellow, Powdercoat
  • Size: 10' Safety Rails
  • Quantity: (11) Horizontal Guardrails; (12) Zip Base Guardrail Bases
  • Weight: 1190 lbs
  • Pallet Length: 120 inches
  • Pallet Width: 42 inches
  • Pallet Height: 20 inches
More Information
SKU TD-70762
Manufacturer Part Number 70762
Manufacturer Tie Down Engineering
Weight 1190lb
Country of Manufacture United States
Length 120in
Width 42in
Height 20in

RoofZone Tie Down Universal Zip Railing Pallet Kits #70762 - 110 ft. Yellow Horizontal Safety Guardrailing. 


The Tie Down Universal Guardrail System is an OSHA approved fall protection system. It is a stackable pallet that consists of 24 zinc plated safety locking pins, 11 RZ Guardrails, and 12 Zip Bases and can be stacked up to 3 pallets high. The RZ Guardrails are manufactured with a high strength, low allow steel. Zip Bases are manufactured with a yellow powder coated finish that has rubber feet and offer a superior resistance to impact loads and its unique design is 40% lighter than competitor bases. Tie Down's Zip Rail and RZ Guardrail is made in the USA and will keep you safe and secure on top of a commercial building.


  • Four way pallet allows for end loading where guard rails are positioned flush to one end of the pallet
  • Side load pallet allows for loading where guard rails are positioned center on the pallet
  • Nests and stacks easily for storage before
  • Great for commercial roofing jobs
  • Designed to fit competitors bases
  • Base comes with toe board slots and handle holes for lifting
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty


  • Pallet Length: 120in.
  • Pallet Width: 42in.
  • Pallet Height: 20in.
  • Pallet Weight: 1190 lbs.