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VEE AIR ONE SP Manifold Air-Purge Spray Gun Applicator for 2-PART Adhesives (VA1SP Gun + Tip)

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Unleash the capacity & efficiency of your team with the VEE AIR ONE SP Manifold Air-Purge Applicator | 2-Part Adhesive Spray Gun

The VEE AIR ONE SP Manifold Air-Purge Adhesive Bead Applicator is the #1 Roofing Spray Gun that allows you to do any spray application pattern with one gun including Bead, Splatter, Air Purge and more. Save time and money with this one of kind spray gun that is changing the industry. The VEE-AIR ONE SP & Vee Air One SP Shorty are the world's first and only self cleaning adhesive applicators.

How does it work? When the manifold valve is in the off position, compressed air quickly blows excess product out through the mixing tip and nozzle. This means you won't need to constantly change mixing tips every time you have to pause the system or stop spraying for lunch, end of the day, or even the end of a work week. Once the VA1SP is purged, just grease your tip and ports and your roof sprayer system will stay air-tight for weeks! With decreased consumables, reduced downtime & increased productivity, the VEE-AIR ONE SP Spray Gun is the right choice for your crew.

The VEE-AIR SP Spray Gun:

  • Spray multiple patterns with ONE gun -> Full Spray, Splatter Pattern, Static Bead + more..
  • Provides more accurate and specific spray pattern application, minimizing product loss
  • Spray faster and longer thanks to the lightweight, ergonomic design of the VEE AIR ONE SP
  • Worlds first and only Self-Cleaning two part adhesive spray gun applicator

WATCH: VEE AIR ONE SP "Splatter Pattern" Bead Demo and Air-Purge for Two-Part Poly-Iso Insulation Adhesive Application

 VEE AIR ONE Two-Part Adhesive Applicator Gun, Air-Purge, Self-Cleaning, Multiple Bead Patterns in One Manifold

Financing Available for orders over $1,000

The VEE AIR ONE SP is an Air-Purge Manifold Spray Gun applicator for applying two-part low-rise foam adhesive in full spray, splatter, static bead and other spray patterns all with one gun. The VEE-AIR ONE SP is the world's first and only self-cleaning 2-part adhesive applicator. With capabilities that far exceed the competition, the VEE AIR ONE SP can spray multiple application patterns such as bead, splatter, and air purge simultaneously, while allowing roofers to apply A+B roof membrane adhesives much faster, and spray for longer periods of time than any other roof sprayer available. 

VEE-AIR ONE SP Manifold Air-Purge Spray Gun:

  • Spray multiple patterns with one gun simultaneously: Bead, Splatter / Spatter, Full Spray, Air Purge and more!
  • Provides more accurate & specific spray pattern application
  • Spray for longer periods of time thanks to the VEE AIR ONE SP's lightweight, ergonomic design 
  • Self-Cleaning

Included in the Vee-Air One SP Gun + Tip Package:

  • (1) Vee Manifold 2-Part Adhesive Applicator Spray Gun
  • (1) VA1SP Tip with Air Line & Connecting Hardware
  • (1) Magnetic Tip Cleaning Tool

Unleash the highest capacity and efficiency of your team with the VEE AIR ONE SP Two-Part Polyurethane Low-Rise Foam Adhesive Spray Gun Applicator. With Air-Purge, Splatter Pattern, Full Spray, and Static Bead capabilities all in one spray gun, the Amped Equipment VA1SP is guranteed to increase your spray productivity while minimizing any wasted glue and material loss, ensuring the fastest return on your equipment investment after just one normal sized job. *Secondary small size generator (1500-watts) may be needed when using the Vee-Air Applicator with an air-compressor, depending on wattage being used by PJR Sprayer.

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number PJR-VA1SP-PLUSTIP
Manufacturer Amped Equipment
Weight 7lb
Country of Manufacture United States
Length 40in
Width 6in
Height 6in

VEE AIR ONE SP Manifold Air-Purge Spray Foam Adhesive Applicator.

  • SELF-CLEANING: Only Self Cleaning Air Purge Adhesive Spray Gun Available
  • LOWER COST + MORE CAPABILITIES: #1 Alternative to GRACO Fusion AP Gun
  • ONE OF A KIND DESIGN: Best Air-Purge Manifold Two-Part Adhesive Spray Foam Applicator for Roofing
  • PERFECT ADDITION: Perfect add on to "The PJR" Mobile Two Part Low-Rise Spray Foam Adhesive Applicator
  • *Secondary small size generator (1500-2k watts) may be needed when using the PJR Reactor with Vee-Air and air-compressor

WATCH: VEE AIR ONE SP "Splatter Pattern" Bead Demo and Air-Purge for Two-Part Poly-Iso Insulation Adhesive Application

 VEE AIR ONE Two-Part Adhesive Applicator Gun, Air-Purge, Self-Cleaning, Multiple Bead Patterns in One Manifold