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Everhard Convertible Seam Roller, Smooth Steel, Double Forks MR02170 | 2" x 6" SGPH

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Everhard Convertible Smooth Steel Seam Roller with Double Forks #MR02170, 2" Diameter X 6" Wide, SGPH

The Everhard Smooth Steel Seam Roller is a ergonomic, wider style membrane roller which is ideal for applying wide materials. Comes with a threaded handle to easily add an extension handle, or broom handle for comfortable stand up rolling. 

  • MR02170 Convertible Seam Roller
  • Smooth Steel Membrane Roller
  • Size: 2″ Diameter X 6″ Width
  • Handle: Ergonomic, soft-grip plastic handle (accommodates Everhard’s 60-inch fiberglass handle)
  • Smooth rolling with high quality ball bearings.
  • Cushion Grip handle is threaded to accept standed pole broom extension handles.
  • Designed for close up rolling or you can add an extension handle for stand up rolling.
  • American Made, High-Quality, Reliable Smooth Steel Membrane Roller
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The Everhard MR02170 Convertible Seam Roller is equipped with an ergonomic handle and a smooth steel roller head with high-quality ball bearings, that is 6 inches wide for easy, comfortable use on various membranes. This convertible roller’s cushion-grip handle has a threaded insert allowing it to screw onto a longer extension handle, instantly creating a stand-up seam roller.

  • 2 inch X 6 inch Wide Convertible Seam Roller
  • Single fork, Two-Prong
  • Ergonomic, soft-grip plastic handle
  • Threaded Handle Converts for Extension Handle Poles
  • Made in the USA
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number MR02170
Manufacturer Everhard Products
Weight 5lb
Country of Manufacture United States
Length 6in
Width 2in
Height 3in

EVERHARD MR02170 Smooth Steel Convertible Seam Roller, 2" X 6" SGPH