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MR05020 Silicone Seam Roller 1.44" x 1.75" | EVERHARD

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MR05020 Silicone Seam Roller, Heat Resistant | EVERHARD

The EVERHARD MR05020 Silicone Seam Roller for Roofing membrane Materials measures 1-7/16" dia. x 1-3/4" wide, and has a Single Fork with Wood Handle, making it comfortable, durable, and affordable for any roofer to have in their arsenal of tools. 

  • Heat-resistant silicone seam roller
  • 1-7/16″ dia. x 1-3/4″ wide
  • Single fork
  • 5″ wood handle


MR05020 Silicone Seam Roller

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The MR05020 EVERHARD Heat Resistant Silicone Seam Roller withstands high heat, making it ideal for use with hot air guns and heat welding seamers. The MR05020 Silicone Seam Roller has a comfortable, durable wood handle and single fork with enclosed bearings for smooth rolling action. Proudly MADE IN THE USA! 

  • 1 and 3/4 inch wide Silicone roller with enclosed bearings = Smoothest Roller!
  • Compress roofing & flooring membranes, Heat-resistant silicone roller.
  • Press Decals on Walls or Cars With ease, peel and seal, Amazing for wall vinyl material.
  • Great for joining, welding or repairing flexible PVC, plastic materials such as: PVC Banners.
  • Heavy Duty Light Weight Roller for TPO, PVC, and EPDM Seams, Butyl tape, professional audio automotive insulation car sound deadener, saddle making, leather work, window tinting, glue joints and much more.
  • SKU: MR05020 
  • ITEM: Silicone seam roller
  • DIMENSIONS: 1-7/16'' dia. x 1-3/4'' wide
  • WEIGHT: 0.5 lbs.
Package Qty: 12
Weight (lbs): 0.520
Weight (kg): 0.236
Product UPC: 095412050200
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number MR05020
Manufacturer Everhard Products
Weight 0.5lb
Length 6in
Width 1-3/4″in
Height 1-7/16″in

EVERHARD ERGONOMIC SEAM ROLLER has a larger viewing area: The MR05020 Silicone Ergo Seam Roller has a larger viewing area between the end of the roller handle and the roller, allowing you to see more of the work area while on the job. 

  • SKU: MR05020 
  • ITEM: Silicone seam roller
  • DIMENSIONS: 1-7/16'' dia. x 1-3/4'' wide
  • WEIGHT: 0.5 lbs.

MR05020 EVERHARD 1 3/4 inch (40mm) Wide Professional Roofing Silicone Seam Roller Hand Tool - Heat Resistant, High Heat Silicone Roller for  use with hot air tools, heat guns, and heat seamers on PVC, TPO, EPDM Roofing Membrane material welds, and Vinyl Car Wraps Decals.

  • Everhard is the ONLY silicone roofing roller that is Made in the USA. Don't pay more for imports.
  • Perfect for any type of seam pressure rolling.
  • High quality, heavy fork doesn't bend or twist from pressure
  • Ball bearings for long lasting tool and smooth rolling
  • 1-7/16" dia X 1-3/4" wide silicone roller