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G-Tek PolyKor Xrystal ANSI A4 Gloves | PIP #16-X320

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Cut Level A4 Gloves 16-X320

Seamless Knit PolyKor® Xrystal® Blended Glove with Nitrile Coated Foam Grip on Palm & Fingers. Used for construction, roofing, sheet metal handling, parts assembly, sharp small parts handling, electronics, glass cutting, and other general duty applications.

  • Seamless construction offers increased comfort and breathability
  • PolyKor® Xrystal® shell is lightweight and provides excellent dexterity, tactile sensitivity and cut resistance
  • Foam Nitrile coatings are compatible with light oils and will provide a good grip and excellent abrasion resistance
  • Color coded hems for easy size identification
  • Washable, resistant to chemicals, water, and ultraviolet light


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G-Tek® PolyKor® Xrystal® 16X320 Gloves

PIP Cut Level A4 Gloves 16-X320 Seamless Knit PolyKor Xrystal Blended Glove with Nitrile Coated Foam Grip on Palm & Fingers for extra comfort, dexterity, durability and cut level 4 protection. 


G-Tek® PolyKor™ Xrystal™ is an engineered yarn that represents the next generation in maximum cut protection and comfort. PolyKor™ fiber is combined with naturally hardened crystallized minerals, resulting in a super tough, durable, cut resistant fiber that is at the peak of performance.


Excellent dry grip, thicker coating offers superior resistance to snag, cut, puncture and abrasion. When enhanced by a foam coating, it offers very good grip in chemicals including oils, petrochemicals, fuels and most acids.


Available in Nitrile, Latex and PVC, foam grip is designed to channel away liquids to allow better handling in wet and dirty conditions. Also provides excellent grip and tactile sensitivity in dry applications.

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SKU PIP-16-X320
Manufacturer Part Number 16X320
Manufacturer PIP Safety Products
Weight 1lb


Test Method: ASTM F2992-15

New edition ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 outlines a new test method for determining cut scores and a revised scale from A1-A9. Click here for more information about the new testing standard.


EN 388 2016 Results:Abrasion: 4Cut (Coupe Test): 5Tear: 4Puncture: 3Cut (TDM-100 Test): DImpact Protection: X

EN 388 is a European Standard. Cut Level is determined by the number of cycles it takes a spinning circular blade, that is pulled across the material under a constant weight of 500 grams, to cut the fabric. As the number of cycles increase, so does the glove's ratings. Click here for more information about the EN 388 2016 standard.