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Duplex Soldering Kit | Aero Acetylene Torch

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The AERO Duplex Soldering Kit is ideal for the contractor seeking a fast heating, high output iron that will get professional soldering results quickly. This iron will work great in even the coldest weather conditions. Note that the iron kit is only compatible with Acetylene gas only (no gas tank included).

  • Comes equipped with Aero Duplex Soldering Iron, 3/4 lb copper iron, 12.5′ Acetylene hose, #440G Acetylene B-Regulator, and striker
  • Iron assembly contains wind shield and adjustment valve for gas pressure
  • Gas valve is on a swivel to prevent the line from kinking
  • Kit will not function with propane gas tanks
Financing Available for orders over $1,000

AERO Products | Duplex Soldering Torch Kit

The Aero Acetylene Gas Powered Soldering Torch Kit is one of the most popular kits for roofers and other contractors.

AERO Duplex Soldering Kit Includes:

  • AERO Duplex Soldering Iron Torch
  • 3/4 lbs. Copper Iron Tip
  • Regulator: #440 Acetylene B-Regulator 
  • Hose: 12.5 ft Acetylene hose
  • Striker
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Aero Acetylene Regulators are precision made an machined from solid brass, and are available for 10 cubic foot "MC" (CGA200) and 40 cubic foot "B" (CGA 520) Acetylene Cylinders. Each regulator may be ordered with or without a calibrated, shatter-proof.