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Deck-Drive™ DCU COMPOSITE Screw

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For composite or PVC decking. The Deck-Drive DCU Composite screw is engineered to provide beautiful fastening results for all types of composite decking while also offering greater ease of installation, a clean finish and superb corrosion resistance. The Deck-Drive DCU is the go-to-screw for all your composite-decking applications, eliminating the need to mix and match screws to the decking they are suited for.

Available in color-matching painted-head stainless steel. For superior corrosion resistance in marine or high-exposure environments, choose the appropriate stainless-steel DCU Composite screw (Type 316 or Type 305). These DCU Composite screws are now available with color-matching painted heads in 11 colors to blend with popular decking manufacturers, and to provide a more concealed, professional finish.

For medium levels of corrosion resistance, Deck-Drive DCU Composite screws are avalable in 11 colors of Quik Guard® coating — also matched to blend with most major decking manufacturers. These screws are offered in bulk for hand drive applications, and collated for the Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving system.

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Manufacturer Simpson Strong-Tie

Key Features

  • Available in carbon steel, as well as Type 305 and Type 316 stainless steel for high to severe levels of corrosion resistance
  • Tri-lobe thread design reduces damage to the composite board while driving
  • Inverted upper threads clear excess material to ensure the screw is seated properly and consistently
  • Double-cut point penetrates composite decking with ease for faster starts
  • Cap-head prevents mushrooming and material from rising up above the deck for a smoother, clean-looking installation
  • 350-count screws install approx. 100 sq. ft. of decking with framing at 16" on-center spacing
  • 1,750-count screws install approx. 500 sq. ft. of decking with framing at 16" on-center spacing
  • Approved fastener (by Trex®) for Trex composite decking
  • See Composite-Decking Color Cross-Reference chart


  • Fastening composite decking boards