Chutes International

CHUTES Internationalâ„¢ Is Completely Dedicated To Delivering The Newest, Most Innovative Debris Removal Systems, And Backing Them With An Absolute, Uncompromising Service Guarantee

Whether it be external steel or plastic, internal trash, recycling or laundry or the accompanying necessities such as compactors, baggers, containers, odor control for the trash room…WE ARE CHUTES!

Chutes & Hoppers

  1. DuraFlat Flat Plastic Chute
    DuraFlat Flat Plastic Chute $145.00
  2. DuraChute Intake Hopper
    DuraChute Intake Hopper $610.00
  3. DuraChute Intermediate Intake Hopper
    DuraChute Intermediate Intake Hopper $699.00
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Assembly Parts

  1. DuraChute Basic Support Frame
    DuraChute Basic Support Frame $801.00
  2. DuraChute Flat Roof Outrigger
    DuraChute Flat Roof Outrigger $1,723.00
  3. DuraChute Counterweight
    DuraChute Counterweight $46.00
  4. DuraChute Window/Parapet Outrigger (Set)
    DuraChute Window/Parapet Outrigger (Set) $1,068.00
  5. DuraChute Scaffold Outrigger
    DuraChute Scaffold Outrigger $890.00
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  1. Trash Bags - Contractor Trash Bags 20ct
    Trash Bags - Contractor Trash Bags 20ct $8.99
  2. Trasher (carrier)
    Trasher (carrier) Price upon request