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Flexible Dash 2-Part Adhesive 15 Gallon Drums #317329-317331

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Flexible Dash Two-Part Adhesive in 15 Gallon Drums #317329-317331

Flexible DASH Adhesive is a two-component, construction-grade, low-rise polyurethane adhesive, is designed for bonding Fleece membranes and/or insulation to various substrates. Flexible DASH provides a VOC-free, low odor application suitable for occupied buildings. The combination of VersiFleece and Flexible DASH Adhesive offers a system with superior impact resistance and strength. Two-Component construction-grade insulating polyurethane adhesive. The low-rise, expanding characteristics of XPAND are designed to securely bond insulations to a variety of substrates. 

  • 15 Gallon Drum DASH Adhesive Application works best with The Patriot Junior (The PJR.) Dual Component Insulation Foam Adhesive Mobile Spray Cart

  • Includes: Part A+B Set of 15 Gallon Drums, OR Buy Single Side 15 Gallon Drums

Financing Available for orders over $1,000

Flexible Dash 2-Part Adhesive in 15 Gallon Drums is a two-component construction-grade insulating polyurethane adhesive. The low-rise, expanding characteristics of DASH are designed to securely bond insulations to a variety of substrates. Flexible DASH 2-Part Adhesive is compatible with: Fiberboard, Polyiso, Extruded Polystyrene, SECUROCK®, EPS, SPF, DensDeck®, and OSB. Compatible deck types include concrete, cellular LWC, gypsum, cementitious wood fiber, wood, and painted or galvanized steel. DASH is also compatible with the following roofing materials: smooth or gravel-surfaced BUR, mineral cap sheet, weathered smooth or granule-surfaced Mod-Bit, coal tar pitch, aged EPDM, aged EPDM Coating and WeatherBond’s VapAir Seal™ 725TR.

Previously unexposed asphalt must be primed with CAV-GRIP™ III or 702 Primer for extrusion application. DASH is spray-applied or bead-applied to produce a strong, low-rise adhesive with superior wind uplift resistance, and a nominal free-rise core density of 1.9 pounds per cubic foot. Suggested Spray Applicator is The PJR AIR Mobile Roof Sprayer System for Splatter, Fully Spray, Air-Purge, and Standard Bead Patterns or The PJR STATIC Mobile Roof Spray System for static bead applications.

Compatible deck types include:

  • Concrete
  • Cellular lightweight concrete (LWC)
  • Gypsum
  • Cementitious wood fiber
  • Wood
  • Painted or Galvanized Steel
Flexible Fast DASH Dual Tank and 2-Part Adhesive is also compatible with the following roofing materials:
  • Smooth (previously exposed) BUR
  • Mineral cap sheets
  • Smooth (previously exposed) or granulated mod bit
  • aged EPDM
  • aged Hypalon®
  • Carlisle’s VapAir Seal™ 725TR Air and Vapor Barrier.
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SKU WEA-317329-317331-1
Manufacturer Part Number 317329-317331
Manufacturer WeatherBond Roofing Systems
Weight 150lb
Country of Manufacture United States

Flexible Dash Dual Part Adhesive for Roof Membranes from Carlisle, Versico, Weatherbond, and other industry leading manufacturers. WeatherBond Flexible Dash Two Part Adhesive 15 Gallon Drums is comparable to Carlisle and Versico Flexible Fast and Dash adhesives. Flexible DASH 2-Part Roof Adhesive in 15 Gallon Drums for various two-part roof adhesive spray applications on fleeceback, TPO, EPDM, and PVC membranes #317329-317331 / #328043-328044.

Flexible DASH 2-Part Roofing Adhesive in 15 Gallon Drums

  • Works best with The Patriot Junior (PJR.) Dual Component Insulation Foam Adhesive Mobile Spray System
  • Included in Heat Package for Cold Weather Application
  • Part-A and Part-B 15 Gallon Drums

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Sound: Each layer of Flexible DASH Adhesive expands to 1 ⁄16"–1 ⁄8"-thick and provides an additional R-value of 0.20 to 0.50 per layer. The NRCA estimates that up to 10% of R-value can be lost due to joints in the insulation. The expanding nature of DASH adhesive helps to seal insulation joints, when Flexible DASH Adhesive is specified for insulation attachment in place of mechanical fasteners, the 3–8% loss in R-value can be eliminated.

Water is used as the blowing agent in Flexible DASH Adhesive, making it VOC compliant and not labeled as a flammable product. Superior wind uplift resistance is delivered with uplift pressures ranging from 90–945 psf depending on the substrate. Due to its superior wind uplift performance, the Flexible DASH Adhesive System can qualify for upgraded wind speed warranties 80–120 mph with design enhancements.

Expedient Installations without Interruption Due to the low noise and low odor associated with the system, make the Flexible DASH assembly an excellent choice for re-roofing occupied buildings, as there is minimal disruption. Because of these benefits, schools, universities and hospitals are some of the biggest users of the Flexible DASH assembly. The speed of application with Flexible DASH Adhesive affords project completion in a timely manner.

Flexible DASH offers a significant reduction in free MDI: from 32% to 23% compared to traditional urethane adhesives.