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Premium V-Manifold Adhesive Applicator

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The patented V-Manifold is constructed with simple straight flow paths to allow a free flowing stream of liquid components for 2 part adhesive application. Straight flow paths allow for less down time. No need to disconnect hoses to restore flow interruption. Quickly remove clogs with provided 12″ drill bit. Fewer mixing tip changeouts. Reliable flow Simple design Strong, durable construction Comfortable forearm cuff allows for ease of use Lighter weight reduces operator fatigue Works with Cyclone, Pace Cart & Patriot Jr.

Why choose a Premium V-Manifold Applicator?

  • Apply two-part adhesives efficiently and with less mess
  • Experience less downtime with straight flow paths that keep material flowing freely
  • Confidently rely on the anodized aluminum body and threads
  • Eliminate end-of-day greasing hassles
  • Quickly and easily remove dried material using the included 12” drill bit
  • Simplify operation with the optional Yoke Handle
  • Decrease operator fatigue with light-weight design and comfort-fit forearm cuff and handle
Financing Available for orders over $1,000

Straight Flow Path: Reduces Clogging, Allows for Easy Clean Out


  • 60% lighter than other manifolds w/ strong durable design
  • Anodized Aluminum body and threads
  • Two Zerk grease fittings
  • Production back up and running in seconds not hours
  • Eliminates daily start up and shut down producers
  • 12" x 1/4" Drill Bit provided for cleaning
  • Comfort fit handle and cuff
  • Economical
  • Saves down time - lighter weight reduces user fatigue
  • Works with the OMG PaceCart & ADCO Millennium Cyclone
  • Included fittings:
    • For ADCO Millennium Cyclone : one3/8" NPTF Male x 1/2" JIC Female Swivel (6505-06-08) , and one 5/8" JIC Male X 3/8" NPTF Male Pipe (2404-10-06)
    • For Olympic OMG Pace Cart : two1/2" JIC Male x 3/8" NPTF Male Pipe (2404-08-06)


More Information
Manufacturer Part Number V-PR-YK
Manufacturer Rooftop Equipment
Weight 6lb
Length 44in
Width 6in
Height 6in

With what machines can I use V-Manifold Applicators?
InvertaPress4000, Cyclone, Pace Cart, and Patriot Jr.

What is a Yoke Handle?
The V-Manifold Adhesive Applicator has two ball-valves. The Yoke Handle connects the two valves, allowing you to start and stop both valves with one motion. Both the Standard and Premium V-Manifold Adhesive Applicators can be purchased with a Yoke Handle. (Yoke Handles are not sold separately.)

What’s the difference between the Standard V-Manifold Adhesive Applicator and the Premium V-Manifold Adhesive Applicator?
The Standard V-Manifold Adhesive Applicator is molded urethane with steel flow paths and no grease fittings. The Premium V-Manifold Adhesive Applicator has a machined, all-aluminum body and Zerk grease fittings for each flow path. Both models have straight flow paths that dramatically reduce clogs, compared to older technology.

How do I clean out the Standard V-Manifold Adhesive Applicator?
Leave the mixing tip on the applicator until the next use. Prior to starting work again, remove the old mixing tip, open the ball-valves, and run the included drill bit into the distribution openings. Be sure to clean the drill bit after the first side to avoid contaminating the second one.

Can I buy replacement ball-valves?
Yes. Ball valves for both the Standard and Premium V-Manifold Applicators are available from your local Rooftop Equipment Distributor.

Can I buy replacement drill bits?
Yes, through your local Rooftop Equipment Distributor.

I misplaced my fittings. Can I buy replacements?
You can! Just contact your local Rooftop Equipment Distributor.