TW 5000 Wide Welder

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TW 5000 Wideweld Edition, Automatic Roof Welder 

The SIEVERT TW 5000 WideWeld provides a wide nozzle for up 130 mm welding. Its main function is overlap welding of modified bitumen and similar roofing membranes. It is one of the most powerful, versatile, reliable and easy to use automatic hot-air welding machines available for overlap welds on a roof. The Sievert TW 5000 wideweld can weld any roof membrane such as TPO, PVC, EPDM, Modified Bitumen and other thermoplastic tarpaulins. The TW 5000 has a powerful engine and efficient drive system that allows climbing ability up to 30º. With 4-Wheel Drive and a strong belt system the TW-5000 provides wrinkle-free high-speed welding, making it a go-to choice for commercial roofing contractors. 

  • Width of welding seam = 120-130 mm
  • Temperatures Up to 1245°F: Fully Adjustable of 100°F - 1245°F (40°C - 650°C)
  • Air Flow: Fully Adjustable 0-13 gallons per second
  • Four-wheel drive and belt system for wrinkle-free welding: Powerful engine
  • Digital LED display screen: Shows temperature, speed and incoming voltage
  • Digital display unit for control: Runs on 400 V or 230 V 
  • Powerful fan for high-speed welding: Automatic start/stop sensor when the hot-air nozzle is engaged/disengaged
  • Adjustable handle made of sturdy steel
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The SIEVERT TW 5000 Wide Weld Roof Welder can weld any roof membrane, such as PVC, plastic, TPO, EPDM, rubber and modified bitumen at a speed of 22 feet per minute at temperatures of 100°F to 1225 degrees Fahrenheit. Fully adjustable airflow and temperature control.

  • Four-wheel drive assures wrinkle-free welding
  • Powerful engine and efficient drive system allows climbing ability up to 30°
  • Separate free rolling wheels for easy transport
  • Easy to operate display unit. Digital display showing temperature, speed and incoming voltage
  • Runs on 230 V (can be converted to 400 V)
  • Powerful fan for high-speed welding
  • Adjustable handle
  • Automatic start/stop sensor when the hot-air nozzle is engaged/disengaged 

All models are delivered in a sturdy steel SIEVERT transport/storage box.

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SKU SIE-TW-5000-Wide
Manufacturer Part Number 2991 TW5000
Manufacturer SIEVERT
Weight 67lb

SIEVERT TW 5000 Automatic Robot Roof Welder Specifications and Details:

  • Variable Temp 100°-1225°F
  • Variable Airflow 30-100%
  • Heating Element 1000 hours
  • Outlet tube 130 mm
  • Output 6300 watts
  • Voltage 230 V / 60 Hz