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TreadSafe is designed for use in compressible insulation. When used with a specially designed RhinoBond® plate, TreadSafe provides an insulation and membrane attachment system for securing TPO and PVC roofing membranes. The system is Factory Mutual approved and compatible with OMG RoofGrip, Heavy Duty, Universal, and Extra Heavy Duty fasteners, as well as other OMG fasteners approved by the roofing system manufacturer.


  • TreadSafe accommodates the normal deflection of compressible roof insulation to minimize the potential for fasteners to penetrate roofing membranes.

  • Reduces thermal bridging.

  • Made from high quality polyamide for heat and impact resistance.

  • Available in four lengths from 1.5 (40 mm)- to 6.5-in. (165 mm) to accommodate most roof build-ups.

  • Compatible with mineral wool, polyisocyanurate, XPS and EPS insulation.

  • Patented TreadSafe tubes lock into compatible RhinoBond plates and securely hold fasteners in place.

  • RhinoBond plates meet FM 4470 and ETAG 006 criteria for corrosion resistance.

Financing Available for orders over $1,000


  • Tube installation may require a driver extension bit (sold separately).
  • For steel decks, 3/4-in. (20 mm) penetration is the minimum allowable.
  • For OSB and plywood, 3/4-in. (20 mm) penetration through the underside of the board is the minimum allowable.
  • For wood deck (wood plank, tongue & groove), 1-in. (25 mm) penetration is the minimum allowable.
  • For concrete decks, minimum fastener embedment into the deck should be 1-in. (25 mm). The predrilled hole must be a minimum of 1/2-in. (13 mm) deeper than fastener embedment.


Cat. No. Length (in) Packaging Quantity Weight (lbs) Material
RBTST040 1.5 500 8 Polyamide
RBTST065 2.5 500 11 Polyamide
RBTST110 4.3 500 18 Polyamide
RBTST165 6.5 500 27 Polyamide


Cat. No. Membrane Packaging Quantity Weight (lbs) Material
RBP80TS-TPO TPO 500 36 Coated Galvalume
RBP80TS-PVC PVC 500 36 Coated Galvalume
RBP80TS-EPDM EPDM 500 36 Coated Galvalume
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