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The Trauma Strap is an indispensable item for anyone working at height, and helps to mitigate the effects of suspension trauma (which can occur in as little as 15 minutes) in the event of a fall. By allowing the fallen worker to assume a standing position and relieve pressure on the lower extremities, the Trauma Strap allows better blood flow and reduces fatigue. Compatible with all Guardian full-body harnesses, the Trauma Strap is easy to adjust, and its low profile keeps it out of the way during work.

  • Helps reduce the effects of suspension trauma
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • An important part of any rescue plan
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The Trauma Strap is designed to prevent orthostatic intolerance, otherwise known as suspension trauma, by allowing a worker to achieve a standing position while waiting to be rescued. This functions to relieve pressure from the legs and allow blood to flow more regularly. The Trauma Strap is not intended to replace a rescue plan. The employer must always have a jobsite-specific rescue plan in place, and the means to implement that plan.

Seek medical attention immediately if exposed to a fall/suspension. The Trauma Strap is not to be used as an anchor, lanyard, or any other form of fall protection, except in the manner detailed by these instructions.

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