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Towable Patch Kettle - 115 Gal.

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Our most popular non-pumping kettle covers all the bases. Efficiently heats enough asphalt to handle residential work from remodels and additions on down to smaller work such as shower pans and repair jobs. The fact that it is towable makes it a favorite among contractors who need their truck beds free for materials and tools. This insulated model includes a tube fired system complete with a single burner for maximum heating efficiency. Available with automatic or manual controls. An automatic control system ignites the burner automatically when the asphalt temperature begins to drop. Manual controls require the kettle operator to manually ignite the burner whenever the contents of the kettle begin to lose heat.

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Safety Tip

Your kettle is equipped with double safety chains. They must be crossed under the tongue to prevent the tongue from dropping to the ground in the event the hitch fails or is not properly connected.

More Information
Manufacturer CLEASBY Roofing Products
Weight 880lb
Length 107in
Width 55in
Height 56in

Product Information

  • Length: 107”
  • Width: 54-1/2″
  • Height: 56”
  • Unladen weight: 880 Lbs.