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SSC400 Intumescent Firestop Collar for 4" Plastic Pipe | STI Firestop

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SpecSeal SSC400 Intumescent Firestop Pipe Collar for 4 inch Plastic Pipes | STI Firestop 

SSC400 Firestop Collar for 4.0" (102 mm) Trade Size Plastic Pipe are used to protect a variety of plastic pipes including PVC, PVC Foam Core (ccPVC), CPVC, RNC, PP, FRPP, FRP, HDPE, PE, PVDF, ABS, ABS Foam Core (ccABS) and XFR 15-50 PVC in both vented (DWV) and closed (electrical conduit and water supply) installations.

  • Rapid expansion - closes off burning pipes quickly
  • Small profile - use it in all the tight spots
  • Flexible & durable - no loose flakes (eye hazards)
  • Water resistant - no water soluble or hygroscopic ingredients
  • Economical - lower installed cost
  • High volume char - expands up to 60 times
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STI Firestop SpecSeal SSC400 Intumescent Firestop Pipe Collars sized to 4" plastic pipes. The SSC400 Firestop Pipe Collars consist of a restraining collar with a factory applied intumescent to ensure that the right amount of material is applied every time. Under fire exposure, the SSC400 Firestop Collar quickly expands and collapses combustible piping to form a dense char, and resists any passage of flames, fire, or smoke.

SpecSeal SSC400 Fire Block Pipe Collars are suitable for use in all common constructions including concrete floors, concrete over steel deck, concrete walls, concrete block walls, gypsum board walls, as well as wood floor assemblies.

  • Item: SSC400 Firestop Collar for 4.0" (102 mm) Trade sized Plastic Pipe
  • Manufacturer: SpecSeal, STI Firestop
  • MPN: SSC400
  • UPC Number: 730573034002
  • Shell Construction: Galvanized Steel
  • Expansion Begins: 320°F (160°C)
  • Volume Expansion: 32 to 64x (free expansion)
  • In Service Temperature: Less than 120°F (49°C)
  • Shelf Life: No Limit
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number SSC400
Manufacturer STI Firestop
Weight 1lb
Country of Manufacture United States
Length 8.75in
Width 8.75in
Height 1.75in

SpecSeal Intumescent Firestop Collars, SSC400

  • Sized for 4 inch Trade Size Combustible Pipes
  • Installs quickly and eliminates waste
  • Tested to CAN/ULC-S115 at 50 PA (0.20 in. water)