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Spud Bars w/ Knob Handle #13816 | Tie Down, Roof Zone

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Tie Down/Roof Zone Spud Bars for Roof Tear-Off & Removal

The TieDown/Roof Zone Spud Bars are designed for easy removal of adhered plys from the roof deck including gravel and hot applied materials. These Spud Bars are available in 3.5 inch and 7 inch blade widths and Knob Handle designs. Heavy duty steel construction with steel tube handle. Blades are constructed from spring steel.

Blades are Replaceable:

  • 3.5″ Blade with Knob Handle TIE-13816
  • 7″ Blade with Knob Handle TIE-13818
Financing Available for orders over $1,000

The Roof Zone Spud Bars are a heavy duty steel tube design. They are ideal for removing old roofing, mopped down trouble spots, slag, gravel, and eliminating fasteners. Available in two different sizes, the Roof Zone Spud Bar will help eliminate the headache of roof tear off jobs.

  • Blades are replaceable (bolt-on) and made with hardened steel for a longer life.
  • Spud Bars are available with either 3-1/2″ or 7″ blades. Knob Handle Spud Bar overall length is 54-1/2″.
  • The Spud Bar comes with one blade.
  • All Spud Bars are 6 per master carton.

Optional Spud Bar Sizes:

3-1/2″ Blade with Knob Handle 13816
7″ Blade with Knob Handle 13818
3-1/2″ Replacment Blade 13819
7″ Replacment Blade 13820 

More Information
Manufacturer Tie Down Engineering
Weight 8lb
Country of Manufacture United States

SPUD BARS for Roof Removal #13816 and #13818| TieDown Engineering, Roof Zone

SPUD BARS Heavy-duty steel tube design. Ideal for removing old roofing, mopped down trouble spots, slag as well as gravel, and eliminating fasteners. Our Spud Bars come with hardened steel, bolt-on blades allowing for easy replacement and longevity.

*Roof Zone Ti Down Engineering Knob Handle Spud Bar overall length is 54-1/2 inches

Spud Bar Options:

3-1/2 in. Blade with Knob Handle Part ID: 13816

7 in. Blade with Knob Handle Part ID: 13818

Replacement Blades 25 per master carton:

  • 3-1/2 in. Part ID: 13819
  • 7 in. Part ID: 13820