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Solar Panel Carrier Attachment, PPH #0446160 (for Pivoting Platform Hoist) | RGC

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RGC Solar Panel Carrier Attachment for 200 lbs & 400 lbs Pivoting Platform Hoists

Easy to use ladder hoist attachment for lifting Solar Panels safely and efficiently up on to roof tops. The RGC solar panel carrier attachment fits both the 200 and 400 lbs Reimann & Georger Platform Hoists. Smooth, safe and easy to use ladder hoist attachment that can quickly be put on and removed from platform hoisting equipment.

  • Economical, Durable, and Safe!
  • Steel Frame
  • Protects solar panels from damage while lifting
  • Padded adjustable clamps
  • Accommodates solar panels that are up to 41.5" Wide x 5" Thick at any height
  • Depth can be adjusted at 1 inch increments between 2" and 5 inches
  • Hoist solar panels up on to roof tops of 44 feet in height
  • Fits 200 lbs, 400 lbs Classic Platform Hoist and Pivoting Platform Hoists
Financing Available for orders over $1,000

The RGC Solar Panel Carrier PPH 0446160 for Pivoting Platform Hoists is an efficient, safe, and economical attachment for raising solar panels up to a roof. The Solar Panel Carrier Attachment has a steel frame that provides exceptional durability, and easily mounts to both 200 lb and 400 lbs RGC Platform Hoists, including the HandiHoist. The padded, adjustable clamps provide a safe and secure method of transporting solar panels up on to roof tops, and other elevated surfaces up to 44 feet high.

  • Weight: 25 lbs 
  • Part Number: 0424030*
  • Capactity: 200 lb. or 400 lb. Solar panel Carrier Attachment

 Part #




Solar Panel Carrier Attachment

25 lbs.


Telescope Support. Required on heights over 28 ft.

52 lbs.


Scaffolding Support Arm

24 lbs.


Track Swivel Shoe Kit

3 lbs.

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SKU RGC-0446160
Manufacturer Part Number 0446160
Manufacturer RGC Hoisting
Weight 31lb
Country of Manufacture United States

Solar Panel Carrier Attachment, PPH #0446160 (for Pivoting Platform Hoist) RGC Reimann & Georger Corp.

Solar Panel Carrier Attachment for 200 lbs and 400 lbs Pivoting Platform Hoists
  • PRO Power Drives are available with a 4 hp Briggs & Stratton, 4 hp Honda or 1.5 hp Baldor motor.
  • Easy transporting and no lifting required to mount the PRO Drive on the track saves set up time and labor.
  • Dual anchor points on 1st and 3rd track cross ties increase stability of the system.
  • A single handle control provides convenient and safe operation with minimal operator effort.
  • Location of the handle keeps the operator safely to the side of load, not under it.
  • A sturdy steel frame around the PRO Drive provides protection.
  • The brake rope design allows safe, controlled platformdescent without binding.
  • Assembly is easy without special tools.
  • Pulleys with polymer sheaves prolong wire rope life and permit smooth platform movement.
  • Heavy cast aluminum shoes on base track section help stabilize the hoist on both pavement and dirt with a full 16 sq. in. contact area.
  • Base track sections have cross tie support brackets that add rigidity and extra stability to system.