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ChemLink RoofSeal Tape can be used on virtually all roofs and features a UV stable backing that is available in white or black. RoofSeal creates a waterproof, moisture, and air tight barrier with no additional sealing required. RoofSeal remains flexible to temperatures as low as -70° F making it virtually impossible to thermally shock the seam causing a leak.

  • Use on all roofs (TPO, Hypalon, EPDM, aged PVC, rubber, metal and more)
  • 35 mills +/- 2 mils thick
  • 2 colors available (white, black)
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For use on virtually all roofs, RoofSeal features a UV stable backing that is available in Black and White. With the exception of surface prep, RoofSeal is a one-step permanent repair system for virtually all roof types, and roof accessories.  RoofSeal bonds to a wide range of surfaces including difficult roof materials such as EPDM, TPO, aged PVC, SBS, APP modifieds, asphalt BURs, coal tar BURs, all metal roofs, tiles, shingle, aluminum, galvanized steel, gypsum board, wood, polyethylene, propylene, polystyrene, fiberglass, brick, concrete, masonry, OSB, etc.


Surface must be clean and dry. Moisture, dust, dirt or other foreign matter should be removed. Remove oil and grease, etc. with isopropyl alchohol or a non-residue cleaner such as acetone or lacquer thinner. Remove salt and other contaminants. Install RoofSeal over the repair area, removing the release liner gradually to prevent contamination of the adhesive prior to application. Rub or roll with pressure using your hand or a steel roller to activate bonding process. This material may be applied to clean dry surfaces from 150° F to -20° F ambient. Treat surface with EternaPrime for installations from 40° F to -20° F ambient.

More Features:

  • ADHESION: 20 lb +/inch width
  • TEMP RANGE: wide application range at temps -20F to 150F ambient
  • ELONGATION: >700% +/- 100
  • PLIABILITY: no cracks in membrane
  • SHELF LIFE: up to 5 years
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number F2364
Manufacturer CHEM LINK
Weight 22lb
Product Sheet (1.02 MB)
Safety Sheet (219.02 kB)
  • ETERNABOND is the only microsealer in a tape form available that will stop virtually any leak or water test on any surface in minutes.
  • Seal any rips, tears, or open seams on any surface with RoofSeal. RoofSeal is the best leak repair solution. It is the choice of professional roof repair specialists, on virtually all roof types including EPDM, TPO, Hypalon, most PVC, modified, all metals, even copper and Kynar coated metals, tile, wood, concrete , etc. RoofSeal even works great on landfill and pond liners.
  • Perfect for stitching all roofs, regardless of material. RoofSeal makes a permanent hermetic seal.
  • Eternabond color: black.
  • Size: 49.9 x 49.9 ft.