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Roofing Detail Torch Kit, Titanium 6215CRE | Express

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Express 6215CRE Detail Roofing Torch Kit | Titanium Propane Powered Torch for Modi-Bit membrane felt is extremely lightweight, powerful, and efficient.

The Titan Express propane powered detail torch with titanium burner Kit #6215CRE is made from high strength, lightweight titanium, stainless steel, brass, and other high-quality materials, making it powerful and reliable for regular use on any size job. This roofing torch is one of a kind when it comes to modified bitumen torches, and torch packs for roofers.


  • Titanium Burner: 50T propane torch burner head 
  • Handle: 620CR “Dual-material” torch handle with trigger, fast-connection "one click" swivelling elbow union attachment
  • Neck Tube: L200 Stainless Steel with Brass Fittings (130 mm)
  • Safety Stand: Clip-On Neck Tube Lance Foot Stand
  • Hose: 25' UL and CUS Listed Hose
  • Regulator: 30-60 psi, UL / CUS Listed
  • Flint Striker
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6215CRE Express Titanium Propane Detail Torch Kit for roofing, building completion jobs, metal brazing and material brazers, modi-bit welders, waterproofing, sealing, and DIY experts, the Express 6215CRE roofing and welding detail torch comes ready to use. Titan Express Titanium Detail Roof Torch Kit #6215CRE combines lightweight comfort and consistent high-quality performance to deliver all that you want and need from a welding and roofing torch.

The Express Titanium Detail Roofing Torch Kit includes a #50T burner head, a #620CR bi-material torch handle with click-and-lock swivel attachment, a #L200 Neck Tube Lance with Clip-On Neck Stand/Foot #4740, a 30-60 psi regulator, 25 Foot UL listed hose, and a flint striker. This roofers detail torch kit is used around the world for it's exceptional flame control, high power and strong durability. It will meet the expectations of any roofer, contractor, or DIY user looking for a lightweight, powerful, long lasting torch for regular everyday use.

Technical Specifications for Express Titanium Detail Torch 6215CR (Ref. 50T, L200, CR620CRE)

  • Power (kW): 50
  • Power (BTU/hour): 171,000
  • Flame Length: 25.5 inches (650 mm) 
  • Flame Diameter: 4.25 inches (110 mm)
  • Power/Fuel Supply: Propane
  • Power (kW) at 1.5 Bar Pressure: 27
  • Power (kW) at 4 Bar Pressure: 54
  • Gas consumption (g / h) at 1.5 Bar: 1956
  • Gas consumption (g / h) at 4 bar: 3911

Dimensions & Details:

  • Burner Diameter: 2" (50 mm)
  • Neck Tube Lance Length: 5" (130 mm) 
  • Hose Length: 25 Feet
  • Weight (g): 90.5
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 6215CR
Manufacturer EXPRESS Soldering & Torches
Weight 2lb
Length 14in
Width 3in
Height 3in

Express Titanium Roofing Detail Torch Kit 6215-CRE | Modified Bitumen Membrane Torching Applications

Key Features of the 6215CRE Roofing Detail Torch Kit Pack:

  • Comes Fully Assembled and Ready to Use
  • Lightweight, Powerful, and Durable modi bit detail torch kit 
  • Better than Sievert and Modi Systems Magnum Detail Roofing Torches

Technical Specifications for Express Titan 6215CRE Titanium Roofing Detail Torch:

  • Power (kW) at 4 bar: 92,130
  • Power (BTU/h) at 4 bar: 184,260
  • Burner Head Nozzle ∅ Diameter (mm): 50
  • Flame Length (mm): 650
  • Flame Diameter (mm): 110
  • Weight (in g): 90.5
  • Fuel/Energy: Propane gas

6215CR Express Titan Detail Torch Kit Pack Comes Full Assembled With:

  • #620CR Ergonomic bi-material handle with angle, quick and rotating coupling
  • #50T Titanium Burner Head 50kW 171,000 BTU/hour - 4 bar
  • #L200 Stainless Steel Neck Tube Lance with Brass Fittings, 5" (130 mm) Length
  • Snap-On, Clip-On Polymide Fiberglass Neck Tube Foot Stand
  • 25 Foot Rubber UL / CUS Listed Propane Hose
  • 30-60 psi UL / CUS Listed Propane Regulator
  • Flint Striker