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Roof Hatch Safety Rail Kit with Gate + Bases 24" x 36" Non-Penetrating | BlueWater #500043

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Roof Hatch Guardrail Kit 24" x 36" with Safety Rails, Front Side Gate, Bases & Locking Pins (Yellow Powder Coat)

BlueWater Manufacturing by Tractel #500043

BlueWater's Roof Hatch Guardrail System Kit uses compatible sections of the SafetyRail 2000, and are the only safety rails on the market with an OSHA compliant gate assembly. The 500043 Roof Hatch Kit Consists of (1) 3 ft. Gate, (2) 4 ft. Safety Rail Sections, (4) Counterweight Bases, and 6 Locking Pins. This hatch kit has a safety yellow powder coat finish.

  • INCLUDES: 3' Safety Gate, Two 4' Rails, Four Bases, and Six Locking Pins.
  • Non-Penetrating
  • VERSATILE: Set up in almost any direction with various configuration options such as L-shapes, straight runs, squares, diagonals, etc.
  • Fast & Easy Install: Setup in minutes
  • Easily disassemble for roof deck repairs or maintenance 
  • The safety gate can be opened by the latch pole or by one of the latches
  • Color: High-Visibility, Safety Yellow
  • Finish: High-Quality Powder Coat 
  • 1-5/8” Diameter Rails 
  • Use as a roof hatch, skylight guardrail protection, fire vent and floor door safety rail fall protection
  • Compliant: Meets and exceeds OSHA's Fall Protection GuardRail Regulations
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BlueWater Roof Hatch Guardrail System Kit 500043 is a non-penetrating, reliable, efficient, long lasting roof access door fall protection using yellow powder coated Safety Rail 2000 railings, a front side safety gate, counterweight bases, and locking pins. No drilling or holes penetrating the roof deck substrate with this passive fall protection safety railing kit for roof hatches, stairway openings and other areas of potential fall hazards such as skylights, fire vents, floor doors, trap doors, access doors, and other hazardous areas. 

Compatibility: This Roof Hatch Guardrail Kit will fit a 24" Wide x 24" x 30" and  x 36" Long roof hatch with front side entry/exit.

  • Roof Hatch Safety Rail Kit 500043, 24" x 36" Roof Hatch Access Control Railings for OSHA Compliant Fall Protection and Prevention Safety Rails.
  • Independently tested and shown to meet and exceed OSHA Fall Protection Regulations for Guardrails
  • Exceeds OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.29

In most situations, OSHA (Std. 29 CFR 1910.23) requires guardrail protection on the exposed sides of openings in roof substrates and floors. The BlueWater Roof Hatch and Skylight System exceeds these standards, and is the only product available on the market with a safety gate assembly that meets the same OSHA regulations and does not require drilling into any surface for installation.

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SKU BLU-500043-1
Manufacturer Part Number 500043
Manufacturer BlueWater by Tractel
Weight 498lb
Country of Manufacture United States

BlueWater 500043 Roof Hatch SafetyRail Kit with Non-Penetrating Guardrails, Bases, Front Side Safety Gate and Locking Pins.

A setup using a chain DOES NOT meet (Standards – 29 CFR ) 1910.23 (a)(2) The chain does not provide a mid-rail as required. Click here to see the most recent OSHA interpretation.

1910.23(a)(3)(i) Hinged floor opening cover of standard strength and construction equipped with standard railings or permanently attached leave only one exposed side. When the opening is not in use, the cover should be closed or the exposed side should be guarded at both top and intermediate positions by removable standard railings.

  • Non-penetrating Roof Hatch Guardrail Kit with 36" Safety Gate, Two 4 Foot Guardrail Sections, Four Universal Guardrail Bases, and Six Locking Pins.
  • Independently tested and shown to meet and exceed OSHA Fall Protection Regulations for Guardrails[list_item] [list_item]Sets up in minutes
  • Engineered bases enables the system to be set up in numerous configurations (L-shapes, straight runs, etc.)