RhinoBond Plate Marking Tool

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The RhinoBond Plate Marking Tool is designed to help roofing contractors quickly locate and mark RhinoBond Plates installed under thermoplastic roofing membrane. Just roll the tool over a row of installed RhinoBond Plates, and the tool does the rest, leaving a temporary mark on the surface of the membrane wherever a properly installed RhinoBond Plate is located. It’s fast and simple and designed to enhance RhinoBond installation productivity.

  • The RhinoBond Plate Marking Tool is lightweight, portable, simple-to-use and ergonomically designed.
  • Powerful rare-earth magnets accurately locate installed RhinoBond Plates beneath the membrane.
  • The tool uses common blue construction crayons to leave a temporary mark on the surface of the membrane.
  • The tool is compatible with all thermoplastic roofing membranes regardless of type or thickness.
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Cat. No. Description Packaging Quantity Weight
RB-PlateMarker RhinoBond Plate Marking Tool Each 25 lbs.
RBCrayon-20PK 20 Pack of Replacement Marking Crayons 20 Pack 2 lbs.
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SKU OMG-RhinoBond Plate Marking Tool
Weight 25lb