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Raptor Rescue Retrieval System (w/ Rescue Pole) #RMS-000-16-ASM | LEADING EDGE SAFETY

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Raptor Rescue™ Retrivial System | Leading Edge Safety #RMS-000-16-ASM

The Raptor Rescue System™ is designed to fit onto the TriRex, R-2000, R-1000, and Stinger Fall Safety Carts as well as other models from 2010 or older with the optional Claw lock. With a 5 to 1 gear reduction ratio this Rescue Retrieval winch can be operated easily by one worker. The Raptor Rescue Retrieval System is easy to attach to mobile fall carts and is the perfect accessory for your TriRex, R-1000, R-2000 or Stinger Fall Protection Cart. The RaptorRescue™ Pole Attachment #RPCC-12 is included with this system to help aid worker rescue and retrieval and easily attaches to any Leading Edge Safety/AES Raptor fall cart. 

Install the Raptor Rescue onto Raptor Fall Protection cart frame using the supplied fasteners and parts included. See instruction manual and installation manual for reference by clicking HERE or click the "Product Attachments / Documents" tab below. 

  • Powder Coated Green for long lasting protection against weather elements and regular usage
  • Stainless Steel cable winch ensures durability and resistance from corrosion
  • Designed to lower or raise a fallen worker to a safe area so medical treatment can be administered
  • Use The Raptor Rescue Retrieval System along with the I.C.E. Station platform to ensure the safest regards in fall protection, retrieval, first aid, and jobsite safety.

*Comes with a rescue pole that extends from 6′ to 12′

Financing Available for orders over $1,000

The Raptor Rescue System #RMS-000-16-ASM is designed to lower or raise a fallen worker to a safe area so medical treatment can be administered. After a fall has occurred, lower the engagement arm lock into position and release the cable lowering to the fallen worker. Once the cable has been properly attached you may begin to lower or raise the worker. One man can work the winch simply because of its 5 to 1 gear reduction.

  • Includes Rescue Pole #RPCC-12 with an extension capability of 6' to 12 ft.
  • Stainless Steel Cable Winch made for durable corrosion resistance & designed to raise or lower a fallen worker to safe area for medical assistance.
  • RaptorRescue Retrieval System designed to fit on all LES Raptor Mobile Fall Carts (TriRex, Stinger, R-1000 and R-2000).
  • Use the Raptor Rescue along with the I.C.E. Station Platform to ensure safety and compliance in fall protection, retrieval and first aid on job sites.
  • Raptor Rescue Retrieval is Powder Coated Green for long lasting protection against weather and daily use.


ITEM: Raptor Rescue Retrieval System with Rescue Pole Attachment

BRAND: Leading Edge Safety (AES Raptor Safety)

SKU: RMS-000-16-ASM

RAPTOR RESCUE System (alone) SKU: #RMS-000-12

RESCUE POLE Attachment (alone) SKU: #RPCC-12

*See how to install Raptor Rescue Retrieval System instruction manual for reference on installation and usage.

OSHA regulation 1926.502(D)(20) states "The employer shall provide for 'prompt' rescue of employees in the event of a fall or shall assure that employees are able to rescue themselves". OSHA points to research that indicates suspension in a fall arrest device can result in unconsciousness followed by death in less than 30 minutes. An Air Force study shows that volunteers suspended in harnesses experienced adverse health effects in as little as 12 to 15 minutes. Some safety experts say damage can be done in as little as 5 or 6 minutes.

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number RMS-000-16
Manufacturer Leading Edge Safety
Weight 50lb
Length 48in
Width 6in
Height 18in

The Raptor Rescue Retrieval System is to be used for rescue of a fallen worker in conjunction with a Raptor mobile fall protection cart. Warning – do not use the Raptor Rescue System with any other product not associated with Leading Edge Safety, LLC—AES Raptor, LLC

How to install the Leading Edge Safety Raptor Rescue Retrieval System click here:

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