Plumb-Rite PZB-400GP Plumb Bob TAJIMA

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TAJIMA PZB-400GP Plumb Bob Setter

14 Oz. Magnetic Plumb-Rite w/ 14.5-Foot Auto Recoil Cord and Quick-Stabilizing Bob. This is one of the most popular all-in-one plumb alignment and centering tools for contractors working in a variety of industries including, drywall, masonry, carpentry, roofing, and more. The Tajima PZ-400GP quickly and easily attaches to almost any surface. Equipped with a self-retracting line, a reinforced setting pin head for wood or drywall, and a strong magnet for steal surfaces, this amazing tool can also hook onto nail or studs.

  • Quick Stabilization: Quick-stabilizing 14-ounce bob steadies within 6 seconds
  • Multi-surface connection: Includes setting pin for wood/drywall, strong magnet for steel surfaces, and hook for nails or studs
  • Self-retracting line: Universal plumb bob setter with 14. 5 ft. self-retracting line for quick easy storage
  • Non-slip grip: Elastomer-wrapped setter for added drop protection and secure grip
  • Premium quality: Commercial grade plumb bob for long lasting durability
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Tajima PZB-400GP Plumb-Rite Plumb Bob tool. This all-in-one plumb alignment and centering tool has a self-retracting line, elastomer-wrapped case, reinforced setting pin head and a 14 oz quick stabilizing bob. Elastomer-wrapped universal plumb bob setter with commercial-grade 14 oz. bob with new steel reinforced setting pin to be used with a hammer when tacking into wood and drywall at heights above-head. Equipped with a strong magnet for attaching to steel frames and ribbed eyelet to hook onto nails or studs. Braided nylon line extends and holds at lengths up to 14 1/2 ft., retracts into case automatically. Internal "flush pin" for zero distance measurements with plumb line flush with surface. This unique plumb bob features a quick-stabilizing cap that reduces bob wobble and spin. Bob also featured embedded elastomer side bumpers and a thick tip guard.

  • Brand: Tajima
  • Item: Plumb-Rite Plum Bob Tool
  • Part Number: PZB-400GP
  • All-in-one plumb alignment and centering tool
  • Self-retracting line
  • Elastomer-wrapped heavy-duty case
  • Reinforced setting pin head
  • 14 oz. (400 gram) quick-stabilizing bob
  • Adjustable for bobs weighing from 3.5 oz to 35 oz.
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number PZB-400G
Manufacturer TAJIMA
Weight 1lb
Country of Manufacture United States
  • Plumb-Rite® 400GP 
  • All-In-One Plumb Alignment
  • PZB-400GP