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The PJR STATIC AIR+HEAT: 2-Part Mobile Spray Foam Adhesive Applicator Includes:

  • VEE AIR ONE Manifold Adhesive Applicator Gun
  • 3,000W Generator
  • Mounted Air Compressor
  • 120V GRACO Digital Controller
  • 50ft Heated Graco 3/8" Hose 
  • 10ft Heated Whip Hose
  • (2x) 15 Gallon Drum Heated Warming Wrap Blankets
  • All other standard PJR components - Cart, Custom GRACO Reactor E15p

The PJR STATIC AIR+HEAT is the most versatile spray cart on the market and includes the best components in the industry, making it the number one choice for roofers all across North America. This fully custom spray foam applicator cart iis capable of carrying 15 Gallon Drums, Bag in a box, or adhesive cylinder canisters and has multiple "a la cart" options to best fit your needs on any size job. 

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The PJR STATIC AIR HEAT: Two Part Mobile Insulation Adhesive Applicator With Heated Hose, Drum Heaters & Air

This fully custom spray foam applicator cart includes a one of a kind custom GRACO OEM Reactor E15p that is specific to only the PJR & P55 spray carts from Amped Equipment. It also includes the brand new 3/8" Graco Heated Hose & Heated Whip Hose for 2x the material flow to help you get the job done faster and more efficiently than ever before. Also includes the one of a kind VEE AIR ONE Manifold Applicator Gun which allows you to do any application with one gun including Bead, Splatter, Air Purge & more..

Using The PJR STATIC AIR HEAT will allow you to extend your spray season beyond your competition and help you achieve faster application during the cold Winter months, through the Spring. Already have a PJR or P55? No problem, CLICK HERE to check out our individual Heating Package options for your PJR or P55.

Why buy a pace cart, a cyclone, or a multi-bead pro when The PJR will save you more time and money - and pay for itself on your first medium size job? We all know time is money and money is time, so why not save both with The PJR STATIC AIR HEAT from Amped Equipment?!


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Manufacturer Amped Equipment
Weight 500lb

More About The PJR:

The PJR has become popular & well known in a short amount of time across North America & parts of Europe because of it's simple, lightweight, efficient & effective design. This inexpensive mobile spray foam system uses an OEM Custom GRACO Reactor E15p as the main feature. The PJR is the #1 spray cart in the industry for good reasons.. It is the most cost effective spray foam system of its kind, paying for itself after 1 medium size job. Whether you're expanding your existing insulation application opportunities or just starting your business, the PJR provides a quick return on investment.