Mini Roof Cutter

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The GRIZZLY Mini Cutter #304000 has a GX200 Honda engine, it's perfect for tight spots. The handle is adjustable and can fold down to allow cutting under structures that have 18" clearance. The mini cutter is very light, making it ideal for small crews, repair crews and small areas. This cutter can be lifted to the roof using a ladder hoist as long as it is held securely of course. The GRIZZLY 304000 Mini Roof Cutter has a floating blade guard that can be raised for inspecting and changing the blade.

  • Versatile, durable, reliable roof cutter
  • Easy to use
  • Weight: 165 lbs
Financing Available for orders over $1,000

Mini Roof Cutter 304000 | GRIZZLY Mini Roof Cutter

GRIZZLY roof cutters are equipped with a premium carbide roof cutting blade. Always disconnect spark plug before changing blade. The blade requires a disc and a 1” nut to hold it in place. Make certain 1” hex nut is tightened securely so that blade won’t come loose. Never operate machine with bent, broken or damaged blade as it could cause vibration and fly apart and cause damage or injury.

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Manufacturer Part Number 305 000
Weight 165lb
Country of Manufacture Canada