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Drywall Master offers the best Automatic Taper available on the market today. Our light-weight yet durable design was built with Aircraft Quality alloys and true stainless steel. Our Engineers have plenty of industry experience and understand what contractors need. We understand that people want a Taper that has the look and feel of products they have used in the past but is built with parts that won't wear away easily. Our Automatic Taper is interchangeable with major manufacturers and is built with the best quality parts. Our parts can even be used to repair other brands! We realize that downtime is money so we decided to build a Taper that keeps you from renting again. We back that statement with a 5 Year Warranty.


The Drywall Master Taper consistently applies tape and mud to butt joints, corner joints and ceiling joints. The automatic action accurately applies the appropriate amount of mud between the wall and the tape, regardless of the user's ability or speed. Drywall taping professionals see increased speed, productivity and profitability when using this crucial tool. The Drywall Master Taper is designed to be filled with a Loading Pump and Gooseneck. For optimal performance we recommend cleaning your taper after each use. Wash with a brush and water, and make sure to flush the head of the taper thoroughly. When finished cleaning, lightly apply machine oil to the wear parts. Never use WD-40, or any petroleum based lubricant.

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 01DMTT
Manufacturer Drywall Master
Weight 15lb
New Patent Pending, Removable cover plate. Remove the cover plate without the hassle of removing any screws. Simplifies cleaning and routine maintenance. Most revolutionary feature in Automatic Tapers over last 40 years.

New Patent Pending, attached Tape Spool Keeper.

New Patent Pending, adjustment mechanism for Tape Spool. Prevents back spin of Tape spool during use of your Automatic Taper.

New knurled Control Tube. Prevents wet or slippery hands from losing grip while cutting. Offers enhanced grip on Taper has well.

New contoured rubber cover on trigger to prevent blistered fingers.

New unbreakable polycarbonate, removable (no screws needed, but we put them anyway!) end/butt ring. Provides noticeable comfort on long taping jobs versus traditional metal end ring.

New special grip tape on Drive Dog Assembly.

Adjustable Break Roller to modify tension and make sure Taper is always running smooth.

Two Piece Removable Pull Ring for cutting at high joints.

Control Arm Stabalizer to make sure that Control Arm stays in place at all times