M-1 CR (Clean Room) Adhesive/Sealant, 10.1 oz (CASE of 16)

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16-Pack of Chem Link M-1 CR 10.1oz Tube Cartridges

Chem Link M1 CR is a specially formulated elastomeric adhesive/sealant that is so stable and safe, it is certified for use in clean rooms where sensitive biological and electronic processes must be protected from exposure to even a few molecules. M1 CR is exceptionally strong and adheres to all standard building materials, has no odor, emits no fumes, and releases virtually no molecular air contamination. M-1 CR is designed for application in areas where outgassing and solvents are not tolerated, and it is perfect for biomedical, electronic and aerospace clean room jobs where molecular airborne contamination can impact human health or manufacturing operations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Made for cleanrooms - emits no molecular air contaminants
  • Non-toxic, low-odor - no solvents or isocyanates
  • Safe - for everyone, including the chemically sensitive
  • Versatile - will cure when damp, dry and cold as low as 30°F
  • Superior finish - elastomeric, won't shrink, high hardness & strength
  • Fast-drying - skin-over & rain-ready in 20 minutes; paintable in 24 hours
  • Easy-to-use - no special tools or mixing required
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M-1 CR Clean Room Certified Adhesive Sealant is an ultra-Low-VOC structural adhesive and sealant for cleanrooms. M1-CR Clean Room Sealant is a thermosetting, moisture cure sealant that is approved for semiconductor clean room use. Fully cured M-1 CR releases virtually no molecular air contamination. M-1 CR is specified for biomedical, electronics, and aerospace clean rooms where contamination of the air and working surfaces cannot be tolerated. M-1 CR is also used in food processing, hospitals, schools, offices and public buildings. M1 CR is very similar to NP1, a urethane adhesive, except it has no odor, it's eco-friendly and cleans up much easier than NP1. This is a product you can rely on for years, and is safe to use in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and other indoor outdoor areas.

Coverage (1 Coat): With a 1/4" bead:
10.1-Ounce = 25 linear feet
Interior or Exterior: For Interior and Exterior Use
Use On Material: Block, Brick, Chimneys, Clay or concrete roof tiles, Concrete, Concrete: Sealed, Concrete: Slabs, Concrete: Unsealed, Countertops, Cove Joints, Curtain Walls, Damp Surfaces, Door Frames, Doors, Dry Wells, Equipment Wells, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Rubber, Expansion Joints, Fiberglass, Flashing, Foam, Foundations: Above Grade, Foundations: Below Grade, Glass, Gutters, Masonry, Masonry: Porous, Masonry: Sealed, Masonry: Unsealed, Metal, Metal: Aluminum, Metal: Coated, Metal: Galvanized, Metal: Steel, Painted Surfaces, Painted Surfaces: Oil-Based, Painted Surfaces: Water-Based, Parapets, Polycarbonate, PVC, Roofs, SBS Mod Bit, Sealing: All Weather, Siding, Stone, Stone: Porous, Stone: Unglazed, Stone: Unsealed, Stucco, Surfaces: Porous
Location: All Rooms
Eco-replacement for: Caulk or Caulking Compound, Sealers: Waterproofing
Chemically-sensitive safe: Yes learn how to test a non-toxic product for tolerance
Test before use: Yes, test on inconspicuous area
Freeze/Thaw Safe? Yes
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number F1224
Manufacturer CHEM LINK
Weight 21lb
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Sheet (1.66 MB)
Safety Sheet (229.81 kB)

INSTALLATION: Bonding surfaces must be clean, dry and free of oxidation, mill oils, wax, and release agents that may interfere with adhesion. Dry and fully cure painted surfaces before bonding. Alcohol and ammonia water are effective cleaners for surface preparation. Abraded or irregular surfaces are acceptable bonding surfaces but must be clean and sound. All substrates must be free of manufacturing defects. This product sets rapidly upon exposure to moisture.

M-1 CR Clean Room Certified Sealant, 10.1 oz, 16 Tube Field Pack


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