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21" Low-Profile Outrigger Safety GuardRail + Base Kit (YELLOW) #500122 BlueWater

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BlueWater Manufacturing SafetyRail LP Outrigger Kits (PowderCoated Options)

SafetyRail Low-Profile Outrigger kits are used to continue a run of BlueWater’s SR2K guardrail when faced with obstructions such as ducting or conduit that standard rail cannot run through or around. Used to support rail runs on partial systems, to bypass obstructions and to connect SafetyRail Guardrail bases. BlueWater 500122 Low-Profile Outrigger Includes base and connecting bar.

  • LP Outrigger: Outrigger Rail is required at the beginning and end of safety guardrail runs on partial systems (single spans).
  • For partial SR2000 systems: An outrigger is required for partial systems (single spans).  The outrigger can be any size rail kit or the Low Profile Outrigger if space is limited.
  • Non penetrating design: Counterweight base keeps rail stable and able to withstand 200 lbs of horizontal force.
  • Worried about damage? Minimize any scuffs or damage to rooftop substrates with the EPDM and BUR pads on the bases for added protection.
  • Corrosion Resistant: High strength mild steel with anti-corrosion powder coating for long term usage.
  • OSHA Compliant: Passes third party testing on vertical and horizontal stress tests.
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Low-Profile Outrigger Safety Rail Kit sections are used to continue a run of guardrail section when duct work, piping, conduit, or other obstructions are present and a regular rail section is not applicable. The BlueWater safetyRail LP Outrigger is placed under the object to continue the run, eliminating the needed outriggers when discontinuing the run. The LP Outrigger can be also be used as an outrigger when there is not enough available space for a standard rail outrigger.

Outriggers (Returns): Whether your installation is 5’ or 1000’ in length, you must have outriggers at the beginning and end of the run (A). They should be placed approximately 90 degrees to the danger side (B).

Note: It is not recommend to use the LP Outrigger as a standard outrigger, as it creates a trip hazard and should only be used when all other options are exhausted.

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Manufacturer BlueWater by Tractel
Weight 98lb