HOSE | Adhesive Cylinder Spray Hose

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Hose | Flexible Rubber Hose

Available in 6', 12', or 18' length

The standard rubber coated hose is designed for use in heavy industrial situations and works perfectly for applying Roofing Adhesive cylinder canisters like CAV GRIP and Q-DEK. The M130 Spray Hose maintains excellent flexibility and durability even through rigorous daily use over extended periods of time. This hose can also be used with other fluid spray tanks and single ply materials.

  • Straightforward, simple design allows for quick assembly 
  • Durable, flexible rubber hose minimizes interference and tangling
  • Portable length hose is easy-to-use while hand-carrying Ramsol Disinfectant Spray tank

Hose Length Option:

6' length: Perfect for using the mini 7L handheld or the 22L / 40 lbs tanks on a mobile Trolley to spray large areas while being close to the tank. 

12' length: Ideal for application near to the cylinder tank with some canister mobility.

18' length: Recommended length for most situations, especially if extra mobility is necessary during application.

Financing Available for orders over $1,000

Roofing Adhesive Spray Cylinder Rubber Hose for Cav Grip, QDEK, Tensorgrip and other Single-Ply adhesive applications.

Tensorgrip Quin Global 6', 12', 18' M130 and/or M170 Hoses:

  • QG-HOSEM130-6        TENSORGRIP FLEXIBLE HOSE 6'          $29.00
  • QG-HOSEM130-12      TENSORGRIP FLEXIBLE HOSE 12'        $49.00
  • QG-HOSEM130-18      TENSORGRIP FLEXIBLE HOSE 18'        $59.00
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