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IRWIN High Visibility GREEN Marking Chalk Refill bottle #64907 is 8 ounces of fluorescent lime green chalk powder, for all reel type chalk line boxes IRWIN Marking chalk is packaged in a plastic squeeze bottle with fast-fill spout and snap cap to prevent spilling and to stop moisture from getting into the chalk. 

  • IRWIN OUTDOOR MARKING CHALK for Roofing, Construction, Masonry, Corrections, Plumbing, and Electrical use applications.
  • Weatherability Level of High Visibility GREEN Marking Chalk is 2 to 3 weeks. 
  • BENEFITS: Irwin Marking Chalk is ideal for low light conditions and use on dark surfaces to show layout changes and corrections on a job site or roof.
  • Permanence Level #2 
  • Will help you make clear and accurate markings
  • Extremely easy and convenient to work with
  • Complete your projects with more precision

IRWIN® STRAIT-LINE® Hi-flow Nozzle Cap for improved chalk flow on permanent staining chalks. The cap allows for quicker chalk fills and less clumping when using higher-density permanent staining chalks.


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IRWIN 64907 8oz. Hi-Vis Fluorescent GREEN Marking Chalk Refill. This 8oz of fluorescent lime-green chalk refill is made for all reel type chalk line boxes, and it is packaged in a plastic squeeze bottle with a fast-fill spout and snap cap to prevent spilling and moisture getting into the chalk. 

Professional Hi-Visibility GREEN Marking Chalk Features:
• Exterior use
• For low light conditions and on dark surfaces
• Easy to use
• High visibility chalk for self chalking line reels
• Permanent colors, especially black and red, produce long lasting lines that won't fade
• Temporary colors, especially white and blue, provide high visibility and are easy to remove
• Proprietary formulations for dark, sharp lines and reliable performance
• Use to show layout changes and corrections
• 8.5 - 9.5 pH range

• Color: Green
• Weight: 8 oz.

• (1) Hi-Viz Chalk

IRWIN Chalk containers are filled by weight not volume.

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IRWIN® STRAIT-LINE™ marking chalks have an innovative flip-top cap that keeps the chalk in the bottle where you want it. The flip-top cap seals the chalk in an airtight chamber, keeping out moisture and reducing the risk of clumping. Marking tools are one of the most helpful tools in your toolbox. This premium tool is designed with meticulous attention to detail to let you mark your measurements with unmatched ease and precision. It will allow you to increase the quality of your project whether you are a professional or amateur DIYer. Providing the highest accuracy and reliability, this tool ensures your project will be made as you planned it.