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Custom HEPA VAC Kit on the ASE All Seasons Equipment Single Blade Roof Cutter is equipped with a STIHL Water Pump and HEPA Vac for minimizing dust and debris particles while cutting. HEPA VAC Kits are available already installed on the cutter, or HEPA Vac Kits are also sold separately. We can also retrofit your Single Cutter or Double Cutter saws for you. 


  • Fully custom HEPA Vac and Filter
  • STIHL 10L Water Tank, Pump
  • ASE Single Blade Roof Cutter
Financing Available for orders over $1,000

The HEPA Single Blade Roof Cutter from Panther East is equipped with an All seasons Equipment Tazmanian Roof Cutter

ASE Tazmanian Roof Cutter Features:

  • Long Cutting Shaft - With the support of dual flange bearings over a long shaft length the vibration is reduced. This reduction in shaft vibration is key to increasing the life of both the cutting blade and belts. With the blade away from the belts, less debris gets into the belt area of the machine; reducing belt wear.
  • Controlled Cutting Depth - Cutting depth is controlled easily through the depth control lever located at the operators' right side. With a heavy duty sealed bearing in place the lever is easy to control and the tight threads located at the front near the wheel allow a wide range of cutting depths. With the blade on the opposite side from the depth control threads, dirt buildup is reduced and because the threads are closed at one end, shaft bending is prevented.
  • Sealed Engine Breather - This cover is bolted and sealed directly to the side of the engine, preventing most particles from entering the machine at engine level. Cleaner air from the top of the machine is drawn in through the breather hose, reducing the amount of dirt buildup on the starter fan. This increases engine life. With the reduction in airborne debris entering the engine, less buildup occurs in the cooling system, increasing engine life.
  • Quick Belt Changes - With the belts contained behind a hinged cover, belt changes are quick and painless. Simply open the over, lower the idler and change the belts. There are no bearings to remove or pulleys to adjust. Belt changes can be accomplished in just minutes compared to almost an hour on other roof cutting machines. The spring controlled idler also acts to maintain tension, increasing belt life. ALL SEASONS EQUIPMENT uses twin 'V' style belts on all roof cutters. 'V' style belts are wider and more durable that 'A' belts for tough roofing conditions.
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SKU ASE-HEPASingleCutter
Manufacturer Part Number ASE-HEPACUTTER
Manufacturer All Seasons Equipment
Weight 269lb
Country of Manufacture United States