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Guard Dog Self-Closing Industrial Safety Gate | BlueWater Safety by Tractel

This easy-to-install and durable GuardDog Self-Closing Industrial Safety Gate from BlueWater features a versatile design enabling it to meet diverse applications. The GuardDog self closing gate comes fully assembled and can easily be adjusted laterally to 6″ (-3 to +3 of the nominal size). The Universal Mount is designed to fit any hand post angle and direction. BlueWater’s industrial safety gate is available in food grade stainless steel, carbon steel powder coated and galvanized.

Guard Dog Self-Closing Safety Gate Applications:

  • Rooftops
  • Ladder Ways 
  • Mezzanines
  • Pedestrian Traffic
  • Machine Guarding
Financing Available for orders over $1,000

The Bluewater GuardDog Self Closing Safety Gate is tough, durable and easy to install. Featuring a unique self-closing design with two stainless steel torsion springs, the GuardDog industrial safety gate can open in any direction. To meet diverse application requirements, the gate is available in 5 nominal sizes and is adjustable laterally to 6” (-3 to +3 of the nominal size). The GuardDog Self-Closing Gate arm is dimensioned to match top- and mid-rail heights of an OSHA-compliant guardrail. When the gate is installed and the top of the gate is at the OSHA’s recommended nominal height of 42”, the bottom of the gate is positioned at a height of 21”. 

The Guard Dog Safety Gate comes fully assembled and includes securing hardware for standard installation on pipe Requires only one 1/2’’ wrench and a few minutes to install Available in powder coat safety yellow, or hot-dip galvanized Special colors available upon request Our standard Hinge Assembly fits round pipe or square tubing measuring up to 2’’ O.D, or it can also mount on angle iron or flat surfaces. For railings which are larger than 2” O.D, contact BlueWater Manufacturing and we will have an adapter kit available to use or provide a solution to mount the gate safely.


Powder Coat Yellow Hot Dipped Galvanized Stainless Stainless - Food Processing Nominal Size Gate Fits Opening Shipping Weight
Min. Max.
500366 500379 500384 500389 21" 18" 24" 25 lbs
500367 500380 500385 500390 27" 24" 30" 27 lbs
500368 500381 500386 500391 33" 30" 36" 29 lbs
500369 500382 500387 500392 39" 36" 42" 31 lbs
500370 500383 500388 500393 45" 42" 48" 33 lbs
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Manufacturer BlueWater by Tractel

Blue Water GuardDog Self Closing, Spring Loaded Industrial Safety Gates for indoor and outdoor use on job sites, rooftops, warehouses, workshops, factories, and more. The Guard Dog Self-Closing Safety Gates are spring loaded and made with high quality american parts. 

The GuardDog Self Closing Gate from BlueWater is tough, durable and easy to install. Use it on ladders or in plant guardrail barriers. The gate arm is dimensioned to match top and mid-rail heights of OSHA compliant guardrails. When the gate is installed with the top rail at OSHA’s recommended nominal guardrail height of 42” above the work surface, the bottom rail of the gate is at OSHA’s nominal mid-rail height of 21”. Installation is fast!! Our gate comes fully assembled and includes securing hardware for pipe/tubing installation. It requires only one 1/2” wrench and 5 minutes to install.

The gates come in 5 nominal sizes ranging from 18” to 48”. Each gate size can be laterally adjusted up to 6” (-3” to +3”) to ensure the gate fits properly in your opening for maximum safety.

The GuardDog Safety Gate comes in three finishes: Powder Coat Safety Yellow, Hot-Dip Galvanized or 316 Stainless Steel. Special colors are available upon request (min. paint charges may apply).


  • Gate arm is dimensioned to provide maximum opening coverage. The rails are spaced to match OSHA guardrail regulations.
  • Universal Hinge Assembly fits various railing types up to 2” O.D. or flat surface mounting. Adapter kits are available for larger or uniquely shaped railings.
  • Each gate is capable of swinging in either direction - simply invert the installation position.
  • The self-closing feature employs two stainless steel torsion springs.
  • 5 nominal sizes are available, and each is adjustable laterally up to 6”.
  • Gates are available in powder coat safety yellow, hot-dip galvanized, or stainless steel.
  • Gate Hoop Compression Clamp ensures quick set-up and makes adjustability a ‘snap’.