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BlueWater Fiberglass Safety Rail 3ft, 4ft, and 5ft. Guardrail Kits

This Non-penetrating Fiberglass guardrail system doesn't interfere with RF signals, making it the best option for perimeter roof edge fall protection safety rail where metal railing can’t be used. The BlueWater Fiberglass Safety Rail FG is the ideal passive fall protection system for rooftop fall protection when telecommunication equipment is present and can’t have metal guardrails that will interfere with RF signals. BlueWater Fiberglass SafetyRail 2000FG can be mounted in any angle or direction, allowing universal configuration options and fast, simple installation. The Fiberglass Safety Railings are made from a polyester, fire retardant, UV inhibited and a UV coated material, making it ideal for working on any rooftop or jobsite requiring OSHA Compliant fall prevention rails and height safety compliance. 

  • Non-Penetrating Safety Rail = No holes have to be drilled
  • 100% Portable, Mobile Fall Protection Safety Rails
  • Best guardrail option for applications where metal railings can’t be used
  • Can be used as both temporary or permanent safety railing
  • Fast + Easy Install: 2 Workers can install 250 feet of rail in 1 hour
  • Rails can be positioned in infinite directions
  • Each rail base can support up to 4 guardrails
  • Meets and Exceeds OSHA & ANSI Regulations for Fall Protection
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Fiberglass Safety Rail FG2000 from BlueWater Manufacturing by tractel. The FG Safety Rail is made for rooftop fall protection needs, where telecommunication equipment is present, which cannot have metal guardrails on the roof because they interfere with RF signals. This RF-transparent fiberglass safety guardrail is non-penetrating and can be used as a portable/temporary guard rail system, or a permanent fall protection system.

  • Capability: Used as both Temporary and/or Permanent Safety Guardrail 
  • Non-Penetrating: Won't penetrate holes in roof deck or substrates
  • Non-Metal = Wil Not Interfere with RF Signals
  • Safe for Rooftops with Telecommunications Gear
  • Sizes: 3', 4', & 5' Fiberglass Guardrail Kits
  • Part Number: 500858
  • Item: SafetyRailFG - Fiberglass Guardrail Fall Protection
  • Manufacturer: BlueWater Safety by Tractel
  • Material: Fiberglass Rails made from polyester, fire retardant, UV inhibited and UV coated material
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SKU BLU-500860-X
Manufacturer BlueWater by Tractel

Safety Rail 2000FG - BlueWater Manufacturing by Tractel Fiberglass SafetyRail Guardrail Kit

The SafetyRail 200FG is constructed out of fiberglass, making it the ideal rooftop passive fall protection system when telecommunication equipment is present and metal guardrails would interfere with RF signals. This RF-transparent guardrail is nonpenetrating and can be used as a portable or permanent fall protection system. Like the SafetyRail 2000, the 2000FG utilizes the four port base, allowing the rails to be placed in an infinite number of positions to avoid roof obstacles such as drains or duct work. The railings are made from a polyester, fire retardant, UV inhibited and UV coated material.

  • Installation is fast and easy, requiring no tools or drilling.
  • Non-Penetrating Safety Rail Guardrails: No drilling necessary to install
  • Meets and exceeds OSHA regulations for fall protection
  • 100% portable
  • Rails can be positioned in infinite positions
  • Each base supports up to four rails
  • Customizable: Custom engineering, custom color options and custom manufacturing for special requirements availble per request at