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Roofing Field Torch Kit (340,000 BTU) with Steel Burner #6111E

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EXPRESS 340K BTU Steel Roofing Field Torch Kit, Fully Assembled #6111E | EXPRESS

Covering a wide range of applications, including roofing, road marking, thermal weeding, disinfecting, and snow removal this field torch is extremely popular with roofers, contractors, and professional torch users. In addition to the versatility of this series of roofing torches, it also offers the advantage of being lighter and much more affordable than other brands of roof torches like Modi-Systems Magnum, Sievert, and Flame Engineering. 


  • Neck Tube: 400mm Neck Tube
  • Burner Head: 2.25 inches Wide and 4 inches Long
  • Handle: Composite, Bi-Material, Brass #650 
  • Hose: 25’ UL Listed
  • Regulator: 914-60 psi (#732864)
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Express Roofing Field Torch Kit #6111E is a 340,000 BTU Roofing Field Torch Kit that includes a 25’ UL Listed LP Hose, 60 psi Regulator, a bi-material #650e Torch Handle and Flint Striker. The Express Roofers Field Torch Kit for Modified Bitumen Roofing membrane applications comes fully assembled, and ready to use.

  • Brand: EXPRESS
  • SKU: TORCH6111E
  • Item: 340K BTU Field Torch Kit (Economy Series)

Torch Kit Specifications:

  • Burner Diameter: 60mm or 2.5" 
  • Power (BTU): 348,000 at 4 bar
  • Consumption (g/h): 7390 at 4 bar
  • Flame length: 800mm or 31.5 inches
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 6111E
Manufacturer EXPRESS Soldering & Torches
Weight 4lb
Length 28in
Width 4in
Height 5in

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