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Express Turbo Long-Life Soldering Tip (Medium) #1778E

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Long Life Copper Soldering Iron Tip w/ Special Coating Requires No Tinning, Saving You Time and Money.

Long Life Turbo Tip with Special Long-Lasting Coating for Roofing Soldering Irons. The turbo tip #1778 for roofing and sheet metal soldering irons is specially designed for long-term use. The Long Life Turbo Tip #1778E is made to work in the most difficult conditions at high elevations up on rooftops, and on job sites in cold temperatures with strong winds. The flame penetrates to the core center of the tip, which provides proper operating temperature faster, and retains heat longer than other copper soldering iron bit tips.

  • 5X Longer Life: Innovative surface coating provides Five Times Greater Wear Resistance than traditional solder iron tips.
  • Save Money & Time: Just heat and solder. No pre-tinning, filing or reshaping of the copper tip is needed!
  • Maintenance: Light cleaning with ammonium chloride ammoniacal stone is sufficient.
  • Fast & Easy: Less effort is required to achieve optimal working position, heats up to 1112°F in 1 minute.


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Express #1778E Medium Long Life Turbo Soldering Iron Tip heats up faster than standard tips and lasts up to 5X longer, making it ideal for long term use in extreme wind and cold temperature conditions. The Express 1778E Long Life Copper Soldering Iron Tip Lasts 5 times longer than Standard and Regular Turbo Tips thanks to the special pre-tinning coating, and requires no tinning to start solderig, which also means there is no need for salamoniac to clean. Just use a cloth to wipe off the long-life solder tip when work is completed. Save time and money on sheet metal amnd roofing solder jobs with the Express Long Lasting, Long Life Soldering Tip 1778! 

  • Manufacturer: EXPRESS Soldering, Torches, and Heating Tools
  • Part Number: 1778E
  • Item: Long Life Turbo Tip for Soldering Irons
  • Includes: Long Life Soldering Tip, and comes with screw and washer.
  • Length: 4"
  • Weight: 8.0 oz

Features & Benefits of EXPRESS Long Life Turbo Soldering Tips 1778:

  • CONSISTENT HEAT: The unique coating will offer a more consistent heat during the soldering process.

  • SAVE YOUR TIME & MONEY: Lasts longer and heats up faster, with up to 5x more soldering without needing to replace your tip.

  • MAINTENANCE FREE: Just heat and solder. No pre-tinning, filing or reshaping of the copper tip is needed.

When using Long Life Solder Tips, follow these guidelines for safe, proper use to ensure exceptional effectiveness and durability:

  • Do not hit, strike, or pat
  • Do not grind or file the soldering tip
  • Do not overheat the tip
  • Do not immerse rapidly in cold water
    • These activities could damage the long-life solder tip coating

For maintenance purposes, it is enough to lightly wipe the tip with ammonium chloride in stone.

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 1778E
Manufacturer EXPRESS Soldering & Torches
Weight 1lb

Express Long-Life Turbo Solder Tip #1778, for roofer soldering irons is specially treated for long life.

  • The Turbo tip is suitable for very severe conditions (altitude, strong wind, cold) : the flame penetrates into the core of the tip, so that working temperature is reached more quickly.
  • Express Turbo tips are given a new type of long life treatment, so that they last around 5 times longer than conventional tips.

Long Lasting Soldering Iron Bit Tip, Copper with Long-Life Coating

Guilbert Express - Medium Tip

Replacement tip 1778E for Guilbert Express Soldering Irons. Fits all types of Express soldering irons, including the hoseless models.
this tip is specially designed to cater to the needs of the roofing professionals. The Long Life turbo Tips help you reach the right operating temperature more quickly even in the most extreme weather conditions. With this new technology, the flame penetrates to the center of the tip thus ensuring the best possible heat transfer and a longer heat retention.

The innovative surface coating of Long Life Express Soldering Iron Tips gives them five times greater wear resistance than traditional tips.


  • Length: 4"
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Avoid beating and filing with special coating