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Detail Torch Kit for Roofing, (105k BTU) #6511E | EXPRESS

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EXPRESS Detail Torch Kit #6511e, Roofers Economy Kit | Fully Assembled

This Roofing Detail Torch Kit comes fully assembled with a Steel Burner Torch Head, a 25' UL Certified Rubber Hose and LP Gas Regulator, a 130 mm Stainless Steel Neck Tube with brass fittings, a Rubber Bi-Material Torch Handle with 0-60 PSI adjustable knob and brass fittings, and a Clip-On Neck Tube Stand that snaps on with no tools needed. This one of a kind high-quality, durable, affordable and economical torch kit is on sale now for less than a hundred bucks at Panther East!

Applications: Flat roofing, Public works, Signage, Waterproofing, Ice and snow melting, and Disinfection.

Detail Torch Kit Includes:

  • Steel Burner Head (50 mm)
  • Torch Handle | Bi-Material Rubber and Brass #650E 
  • Neck Tube 130 mm (5 inches) #L200
  • Snap-On Neck Tube Stand #4740
  • LP Regulator - Adjustable 0-60 PSI, UL Listed
  • LP Hose 25 foot, UL Listed 
  • Igniter - Flint Spark Stiker 
Financing Available for orders over $1,000

The Express 105,000 BTU Roofing Detail Torch Kit #6511E includes a 50 mm Steel Burner, a 25’ UL Listed Hose, a 0-60 PSI Regulator, a #650e Torch Handle and Flint Striker. This roofers detail torch kit is part of the Express America Economy Torch series, which are made for daily use by roofing contractors and professional torch users. These detail torches are durable, lightweight, powerful, affordable and come fully assembled ready to use. 

Roofers Detail Torch Kit #6511E Component Details and Specifications:

Steel Burner Torch Head Dimensions: 

  • Size: 1.97 inches (50 mm)
  • Power: 50 kW 105,000 - 171,000 BTU's
  • Propane Gas Consumption: 8.62 lbs per hour at 58 PSI (4 bar)

Steel Burner Torch Head Flame Details:

  • Flame Length: 25.59 inches (650 mm)
  • Flame Ø: 4.3 inches (110 mm)

Torch Handle 650E: 

  • Material: Bi-Material Rubber Handle with adjustable knob, brass trigger and brass fittings
  • Double seal for the connection with burners: nitrile seal and metal-on-metal cone
  • Inlet: 3/8" fixed rear union, left-hand thread
  • Connection: M18 x 1 male burner connection thread
  • Propane Flow: 0-60 PSI / 1-4 Bar

Neck Tube L200:

  • Length: 130mm (5 inches) 
  • Material: Stainless Steel (304L) and Brass:

Stand for Neck Tube Wand 4740:

  • Snap-On / Clip-On - No Tools Needed! 

Regulator GR-460: 

  • Adjustable, 0-60 PSI
  • LP-Gas Regulator 9VX8
  • UL Listed, C-US Listed

Hose With Fittings:

  • 25 ft. LP Hose with Regulator and Brass Fittings Connected
  • LP Hose 3/16", Output 9/16"
  • UL Certified, C-US and U/L Listed 

Igniter, Flint Spark Stiker 5460:

  • Striker with Flint
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number 6511E
Manufacturer EXPRESS Soldering & Torches
Weight 1.5lb

Express Economy Series Roofers Detail Torch Kit with Steel Burner and Bi-material Comfort Grip Handle #6511E | 105k BTU Detail Torch Kit

Powerful, durable, economical detail torch kit available only from the new Guilbert-Express North American distributor, Panther East in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This strong yet compact and lightweight roofing detail torch kit comes fully assembled and includes every component needed for modified bitumen membrane applications. These roofers torch kits are super easy to use and are made for regular professional contractor jobs at an economical price that is better than Sievert, Modi-Systems, Flame Engineering Red dragon, and other blow torch and handheld torch applied tool brands.