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Everhard MR02153 Wrist-Saver Seam Roller 2" x 2"

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Everhard MR02153 Wrist Saver Rounded Edge Steel Roller 2" X 2"

The 2 in. x 2 in. MR02153 Wrist-Saver Smooth Steel Seam Roller with Radius Rounded Edge is a breakthrough in roofing hand tools and roller design. The MR02153 Wrist-Saver roller's patented design allows for comfortable wrist position while using the power of your arm instead of your wrist, to conserve energy and work longer with less fatigue. The 2x2 inch smooth radius edge is made of high strength, durable roller steel. The MR02153 Wrist Save Seam Roller is a favorite among roofers because it rolls smooth and easy with rolling ball bearings.

  • Steel Roller, Rounded (radiused on outer edge)
  • 2″ dia. x 2″ wide
  • L-shaped offset fork
  • 5″ soft-grip plastic handle
  • Perfect for Roof Membrane Materials like TPO, PVC and EPDM


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The MR02153 Wrist Saver Steel Radius Seam Roller 2" X 2" from EVERHARD allows for proper positioning of your arm, wrist and hand into a natural relaxed working position. The Wrist Saver Smooth Membrane Roller design uses the power of the whole arm conserving energy, allowing roofers to work longer with less breaks due to cramping, pain, or soreness. The EVERHARD Wrist Saver Seam Roller alleviates the aches and strains of a standard roller by using a unique and patented L-Shaped Extended Offset Fork design, making it one of the most popular and top rated roofing hand tools available.

  • 2 inch x 2 inch Roller Steel with Rounded Edge
  • Smooth Rolling Ball Bearings
  • L-Shaped Offset Fork
  • 5 inch Soft-grip Ergonomic Plastic Handle
Product Name:
Everhard Wrist-Saver Steel Radius Seam Roller 
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2 lbs
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Single Roller OR Carton Pack of 6 Rollers
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SKU EVE-MR02153-1
Manufacturer Part Number MR02153-1
Manufacturer Everhard Products
Weight 2lb
Country of Manufacture United States
Length 6in
Width 2in
Height 2in
  • EVERHARD Wrist-Saver™ Steel Seam Roller MR02153
  • 2'' diameter by 2'' wide with radiused edge
  • 5" Ergonomic soft-grip plastic handle
  • Single Steel Smooth Rounded Edge Seam Roller #MR02153

An entirely new way to roll out roof membranes with heat welding machines and hot air gun tools. The Everhard Wrist Saver Rollers are much easier on your wrist so you will be able to roll longer, with stronger, harder pressue but with less fatigue. While the average roller tool today has become either cheap pieces of cruddy wood and plastic, or a shoddily slapped together import. Everhard has been Proudly Made In America for more than 110 years and continues to take pride in producing long lasting, heavy duty, high quality rolling tools that are made to be used on a daily basis. Evehard has been making top quality roofing hand tools and rolling tools in the USA since 1911.