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The SIEVERT EBK-2 Granule Embedder Torch Tool Kit is Stand-Up for fast, efficient and consistent operation that will not strain the back or knees of roofers who usually would have to bend over and stand up and down with other torches. The SIEVERT EBK-2 is an Embedding and Torch Tool Kit in one.

EBK-2 Kit Includes:

  • (1) 3449-47 Sievert 32" Torch Assembly
  • (1) EBT-00 Embedding Tool & handle Assembly
  • (1) 1521S 25' hose
  • (1) 3062-93 Hand Tightened Regulator
  • (1) Flint Striker
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SIEVERT EBK-2 Stand-Up Granule Embedding Kit #881314632480 allows roofers to embed granules at a fast consitent speed without kneeling or stopping. This Stand-Up Roofing Torch Kit is super efficient saving roofers time and money and alleviates stress and pain on their knees and backby allowing stan up operation. To simply use this tool as a regular torch, remove the EBT-00. 

EBK-2 Stand Up Roofing Granule Embedder Torch Kit Details:

Welding Application: Roofing and Water Proofing Gas Service: Propane
Characteristics: Embedding and Torch Kit Item: Torch Kit
Ignitor: Manual Includes: Flint Striker, Fork, Handle, Roller, Torch
Propane Temp.: 3,400 Degrees F Series: Pro 88
Propane Btus per Hour: 225,000 to 375,000 Application: Roofing
Fuel: Propane Flame Type: Standard

The EBK2 SIEVERT Torch Tool Kit Includes:

  • 3449-47 32” Torch assembly
  • EBT-00 Embedding tool & handle assembly
  • 1525IS 25 ft. U/L listed hose
  • 3062-93 U/L listed hand tightened regulator
  • 2000S Flint Striker 
More Information
Manufacturer Part Number Sievert EBK-2
Manufacturer SIEVERT
Weight 12lb

Sievert Industries EBK-2 Standup Embedder Torch Tool Kit