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E-Wrap™ Endothermic Wrap

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E-Wrap™ Endothermic Wrap is a protective wrap designed for fire protection of critical circuits and infrastructure such as fire pumps, signaling equipment, elevators, alarms, process control equipment, or emergency responder communications enhancement systems (ERCES). When installed around Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT), conduits, or cable trays E-Wrap™ releases chemically bound water to have a cooling effect providing up to 2 hours of circuit integrity ensuring continued operation under fire conditions.

The approved protective wrap product shall be a flexible, endothermic insulative wrap for the protection of electrical systems such as Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT), conduit, or cable tray for up to 2 hours. The approved protective wrap shall be capable of being installed in layers and secured with minimum 16 GA (1.3 mm) steel tie wire to protect encapsulated items against the effects of fire and heat. The product shall be capable of providing equal F & T Ratings when applied to membrane penetrations of utility boxes. The approved protective wrap shall be certified by UL and Intertek. The approved product shall be STI E-Wrap™ Endothermic Wrap.
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SKU STI-35006
Manufacturer STI Firestop
Safety Sheet (273.03 kB)
Product Sheet (716.17 kB)
• Flexible material - easy to install, even on small diameter conduits
• Fewer layers required for protection - better coverage per roll
• Tested with Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) and heavier conduits
• Endothermic - releases chemically bound water to have a cooling effect
• Low Density - Weighs less than competing wraps
• May be used to achieve equal F&T Ratings on Penetration Firestop Systems.
• Tested to ASTM E1725 for circuit integrity