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Flexible DASH 2-Part Adhesive, 15 Gallon Drum (PART-B Only) #317331 | WeatherBond

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Flexible Dash Two Part Roof Adhesive in 15 Gallon Drum, B-SIDE

15 Gallon Drums of Flexible Dash Part-B Adhesive of 2-component, construction-grade, low-rise polyurethane adhesive designed for bonding Fleece membranes and/or insulation to various roof substrates. Part B, Flexible Fast DASH 2-Part Adhesive 15 gallon drum B-Side only.

  • Includes: PART-B 15 Gallon Drum of Flexible DASH Roofing Membrane Adhesive.
  • Reduces membrane application time up to 93% when compared to traditional installations using bonding adhesives on non-Fleece systems. 
  • Eliminates the need to pre-drill into concrete and gypsum decks. 
  • 15-gallon drums reduce empty adhesive container stoppage time by 67%–90% when compared to Bag-in-a-Box and 5 gallon jugs.
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Flexible Fast DASH Adhesive in 15 Gallon Drums, Part-B of Two-Part Roofing Adhesive works best with The PJR Patriot Junior Dual Component Insulation Foam Adhesive Mobile Roof Sprayer. Carisle/WeatherBond Versico’s VOC-free, energy-absorbing, impact resistant Flexible DASH Adhesive is for use with Fleece membranes and to secure insulation boards to the roof deck for a totally non-penetrating system application. 

This industry-leading breakthrough in urethane adhesive technology offers built-in elongation and energy-absorbing properties that work in conjunction with the roof membrane to enhance puncture and hail resistance. Flexible DASH Adhesive is applied in full spray, splatter, or extrusions to deliver the two components onto the substrate. Parts A & B are mixed in the spray gun and applied to the roof. A catalytic reaction takes place, causing the Flexible DASH Adhesive to expand and foam. The fleece or roof membrane is then laid into the foamed adhesive after developing “string/body” and rolled with a 150 lbs. segmented roller to ensure the fibers of the fleece are embedded into the adhesive.

Within 20 minutes, Flexible DASH Adhesive cures to form a tenacious bond between the substrate and the VersiFleece membrane.

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SKU WB-317331
Manufacturer Part Number 317331
Manufacturer WeatherBond Roofing Systems
Weight 135lb
Country of Manufacture United States