Trolley Cart for 40 lbs (22 Liter) Cylinders | CAV GRIP TROLLEY CART

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Mobile Trolley Cart for Transporting 40 lbs (22 liter) Adhesive Spray Cylinders

The Cylinder Trolley Cart was custom designed to easily maneuver and transport 40 lbs. (22 Liter) fluid spray cylinder's like CAV GRIP, QDEK, Olybond or other single-ply roofing adhesive pressurized spray tanks. 

The Canister Trolley is a convenient storage cart for easy handling and moving of spray canisters. The trolley enables installers to easily pull the canister behind them. It is particularly suited to large areas where large quantities of material are being laid - perfect for roofing and flooring or spraying disinfectant throughout a jobsite or building. 

  • Convenient Storage Slot for Spray Wand Guns
  • Convenient Hose Rack for Storing Spray Hose
  • Easily transport and store cylinder canisters on the job 
  • Enables installers to pull canister behind them
  • Perfect cart for roofing with single ply adhesive tanks
Financing Available for orders over $1,000

Mobile Trolley for 40 lbs (22 Liter) Cylinder Spray Tanks

The Cylinder/Canister Trolley Cart was designed for carrying and storing 40 lbs / 22 Liter Single Ply fluid spray cylinder tanks such as CAV GRIP, Olybond 500, QDEK, Tensorgrip, Carlisle, Weatherbond and Versico canisters during application on roof decks. It is also suited for tranporting other fluid spray materials and adhesives for flooring applications, cleaner and disinfecting large areas and more.  

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Weight 30lb

Canister Trolley for CAVGRIP or other 40# 22L Cylinder Tank Adhesive Spray